The Bourne Supremacy


There are two different classes of Jason Bourne movies: the Paul Greengrass-directed action classics (SupremacyUltimatum) and the “Other Two” (IdentityLegacy). It really isn’t that Doug Liman’s The Bourne Identity is bad, it’s just that Greengrass helped usher in a new style of chaotically shot and cut actions films with his as-hated-as-it-is-loved “shaky-cam” style (Legacy, on the other hand, is undeniably terrible). However, the one constant that runs through the quality Bourne films is Matt Damon, whose performance as the memory-wiped super assassin proved that he could shake his seemingly typecast “nice guy” persona and mold a character that, for the time, felt distinctly outside of his comfort zone.

In what seems to be a continued disregard for the mental well-being of Jeremy Renner (whose turn as faux-Bourne in the still financially successful Bourne Legacy is merely passable at best), Matt Damon has now said he’d be “open” to reprising the role. Only he has a few stipulations for the studio in order to get him back in the super spy saddle.



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