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In news that surprises nobody, 2 networks are placing their respective, original, super hero series in front of the firing squad of death.

ABC have unofficially clipped the wings from No Ordinary Family – the dramatic super hero family adventure series starring Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz. While the show hasn’t been officially canceled yet, mentioned on their website that sets have been taken down on the ABC lot. Everything isn’t so bad for everyone though, as stars Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz, have already signed on to new pilots for the Fall. Chiklis will be the lead in Vince Uncensored, a new CBS comedy and Julie Benz has signed onto a currently untitled CBS drama starring Patrick Wilson who plays a surgeon who is grieving over his wife’s death. When your stars have already signed onto another show before the series is even over you might as well release the Kraken!!!! news that there isn’ going to be a second season, ya know… to lessen the blow now.

Also getting the red stamp of death is NBC‘s The Cape. Which houldn’t be any surprise to the masses. After getting it’s season cut from 13 to 10 episodes and the finale being online only it was only a matter of time. The show of a carnie vigilante was playing Russian roulette from the beginning and it looks like they finally landed on the right chamber in the gun. From tvbythenumbers:

The Cape is off NBC’s schedule, and The Event resumes in its former Monday 9pm timeslot next week. NBC notes that the final episode of The Cape will be viewable online only. No word on the geographic restrictions on that viewing.

In a double wammy for the now canceled series this is the 4th to be canceled with Summer Glau on it. She hasn’t really had the best of luck since Firefly. Even with the fanbase she has it wasn’t enough to keep her on the air for another season. Yet with the bad reviews and lack of viewership it wasn’t any real surprise that the Cape was taken out to a permanent lunch. At least NBC is bringing Wonder Woman to replace it… Oh wait, never mind.

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NBC’s new superhero show The Cape doesn’t seem to be flying high.  The show created by Tom Wheeler and starring David Lyons was introduced a mere two months ago is in a battle for it’s life and no super power alive may be able to save it.  Originally, thirteen episodes of the show were set to air but were cut down to ten (must have been that SNL skit “The Scarf” that put the final nail in the coffin”).  And most recently it was announced, the shows’ finale will not air on TV but rather be streamed online.  WTF?!  Talk about leaving your show with no dignity!  So why exactly is a show that ideally should have come at the right time doing so poorly in the ratings?

In a time were everything superhero seems cool again (comic books, backpacks, action figures, movies) why wouldn’t it make sense to capitalize on that and bring this idea to life on the small screen?!  And that’s just what NBC did with its show about an ex-cop who’s community and family thinks is dead decides to conceal his identity and fight for what is right.  Sounds good right?  Wrong.

The show just isn’t cutting.  Maybe with all the superhero stuff like the Spiderman Reboot, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers all heading our way people were just on superhero overload.  Even getting too much of a good thing is possible.  Or maybe the show just sucks.

Honestly, ‘The Cape’ was meant to be the story of a man in the real world who adopts a comic-book persona. A dark, edgy take on the crusader bit with a sense of realism. Instead, its a over the top, silly, misguided, piece of derivative shit. Cheesy and stupid.  NO wonder there is no mass appeal to the show.

For those who have watched The Cape what are your thoughts and what kind of life span do you think the show has?  Two Seasons or will it not even get renewed??

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Wow, the second SNL is able to make fun of something and actually have it be funny must mean you’re doing something wrong.  Recently, the show poked fun at the new NBC show, The Cape.  The shows plot revolves around  police officer Vince Faraday (David Lyons) who is framed for a the murder of his police captain by an evil corporation.  Just when we feel like all hope is lost for Faraday he has bestowed upon him ‘a cape’ which gives his superpowers.  Sounds kind of cool right?

However, leave it to folks at SNL to find a way to tear this concept to shreds!  In the sketch they mock The Cape by giving us a whole bunch of new super heroes to NBC, like, The Scarf, The Smock, and my personal favorite, The Leg Warmer. (Andy Samberg finds any excuse to get naked!)

Now, I haven’t seen The Cape but after reading about the premise and seeing a lot of the shows promo spots I’m kind of interred in checking it out.  I think it sounds cool and I’m happy that networks are willing to risk putting shows like this on the air. So what if the market is over-saturated  with caped crusaders and superhero/supernatural beings of all kinds. Like Jello, there’s always room.

So those of you who have had the chance to catch the show, what did ya think?

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“The Cape”- What Did You Think?

As you know ‘Heroes’ was a horrible failure for a televised superhero show (season one was good, but went to shit immediately after.). “No Ordinary Family” has tried to fill the superhero TV blues, but it’s been received with a “Meh” response from viewers. Did NBC‘s new superhero show “The Cape“, which premiered last night fair any better? Well, this bastard thinks not.

I’d honestly rather take another toke and eat some cupcakes than dedicate the next few minutes dissecting ‘The Cape’, which was a complete waste of my time. Since I have far better things to do I’m gonna be brief and invite you all to have an open discussion, talk amongst yourselves type deal. Here are my quick thoughts.

So, ‘The Cape’. What was it about? *Sigh* Stereotypical blond haired dude (David Lyons), with a square jaw and moral compass gets framed for the murder of his police boss by some twisted asshole who wants to take over the town. Hero goes into hiding, meets some circus people (gay) and in the matter of a few hours learns magic, dons a cape and fights to clear his name while taking a bite out of crime. If there is one word that can describe the 2 hour premier of this hideous, horrible excuse for a super hero show it’s… “cartoony” As far as I was sold (by commercials, which were jammed down my throat every goddamn minute), ‘The Cape’ was meant to be the story of a man in the real world who adopts a comic-book persona. A dark, edgy take on the crusader bit with a sense of realism. Instead we got an over the top, silly, misguided, piece of derivative shit.  This is a show where the main character whips a magic bathrobe around, using the fabric to throw knives, disarm gunmen and grab the occasional piece of glassware. I dunno how I assumed it would be promising. Shame on me, I guess.

My biggest peeve with “The Cape”, besides it’s campy dialogue and one-dimensional villains is that it borrows too much from Batman. hmm, lets see. No superpowers. Uses smoke bombs. Has a techy/hacker girl assisting him (Oracle anyone?). The final scene with The Cape standing on top of one of the tall buildings looking out across the city just couldn’t have been more derivative. How un-profound.

As a whole? “The Cape” didn’t work for me. I couldn’t get past it’s disparate tonality, unintentional comedy and insignificant centrality. OK, I’m out. That last sentence was far and above the most intelligible thing I’ve written all week. My head hurts. I need a beer.

So, y’all know how I felt about it. Question is, what did you think? Please share your thoughts below. Have at thee!