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After watching the gripping season finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars I had a sneaky suspicion I was watching the final moments of Lucasfilm‘s hit animated series. Seems I was right. Today on the official Star Wars page in a post titled, A New Direction for Lucasfilm Animation, it was announced, “the time has come to wind down the series.” The Disney/Lucasfilm acquisition made it clear the series would no longer continue on Cartoon Network, and they’ve confirmed no more episodes have been made for the network, but where any new Clone Wars will be airing isn’t totally clear.

The announcement continues with, “we’re continuing production on new Clone Wars story arcs that promise to be some of the most thrilling adventures ever seen.” Fans are asked to stay tuned for more info about where they’ll be able to see this “bonus content.” Bonus content? That sure doesn’t sound like another season to me.

Included is this video message – which for some reason won’t embed, please follow the link – from series producer, Dave Filoni, as well as a clip of some new Clone Wars content.

Hmm. So we have a tease of new stories to come, a promise from Lucasfilm they are planning more Clone Wars, but then this vague reference to releasing the series’ conclusion as bonus content? Hopeful, this makes me not.

There’s also this sad news: the release of Seth Green and Matthew Senreich‘s Star Wars Detours has been postponed until a later date. I’m guessing post Episode VII’s release. Which is another significant bummer.

A new direction, indeed, Lucasfilm. This is almost no direction. Other than the vague mention pursuing another animated series set, “in a time period previously untouched in Star Wars films or television programming,” there’s little evidence for where the future of Lucasfilm animation is heading.

What do you guys think of The Clone Wars ending? Detours‘ delay?


When Ian Abercrombie, the voice of Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious on Star Wars: The Clone Wars passed away last year fans were not only saddened by the news, but concerned on who might replace that iconic voice and fill that important role. Abercrombie had already recorded many upcoming, un-aired episodes so the producers had some time to find the right voice to complete this Star Wars puzzle.

The news was just announced that Tim Curry has taken on the voice role of Palpatine and Sidious. We’ve all enjoyed Curry’s talented comedic work in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and learned to fear clowns and large spiders in his work on Stephen King’s IT.

Bryan Young over at Big Shiney Robot broke the news:

Over the weekend, a small screening event was held for the season finale at the Presidio headquarters of Lucasfilm and I was asked to be there in attendance. There, at the screening, during the final episode of the arc, Tim Curry made his debut in the Star Wars galaxy. You can see an exclusive clip of him in the role on Saturday’s season finale:

The clip from the episode above airs this Saturday, double check your DVR just to be safe. What do you think of this casting news. Curry is not new to the voice acting business, he’s played many roles from other animated shows like Volton and Transformers. Was Curry even on your radar as a possibility for the role?


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Y’know, I don’t know why it took me this long to check out the newest trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars released this past weekend at Star Wars Celebration VI. Once I did, I knew I had to share it with you guys because damn, this show keeps getting better and better. I know I’ve talked at length about how The Clone Wars is some of the best Star Wars, well, since Star Wars and if you don’t watch it ’cause, “Ugh. I don’t watch cartoons made for kids,” I say to you, get over yourself.

Watch the Season 5 trailer below and just try and not get excited,

Darth Maul and Savage Oppress teaming up with the Mandalorian terrorist cell, Death Watch. That just reeks of bad news. I love the special squad of astromech droids being briefed for a special mission, and of course Artoo is there. Plus! Say hello to The Emperor, kickin’ ass with not one, but two lightsabers. AH! It’s so amazing!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns to Cartoon Network on September 29th, Saturday morning at 9:30am ET.

Source: Geek Tyrant


Everyone that this NerdBastard has ever talked to about the subject agrees that Darth Maul was a candle that burned out too quickly in the Star Wars Universe. Darth Maul’s one movie appearance never really satisfied fans Hunger to know more. Much like Bucky of Captain America, this NerdBastard never thought that anyone could pull off bringing this character back from the dead either . . . until now. 

In this week’s episode entitled “Brothers” of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” the dark warrior Savage Opress is on a quest to find his long-lost brother. Could Darth Maul truly be alive, after more than a decade since his gruesome bisection at the blade of Obi-Wan Kenobi? Savage voyages into the depths of a twisted planet to find whatever became of the fallen Sith Lord.

“Brothers” airs at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT Friday, March 9th on Cartoon Network.

Chalk this up as just another great reason to be watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, if you’re not already. The series is already gaining some major buzz by bringing Darth Maul back from the dead and now they’re adding another geek icon to their ranks, Simon Pegg. That’s right, Scotty is switching teams. Pegg will be lending his voice to the bounty hunter, Dengar, last seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars has such an expansive universe full of so many interesting characters it’s awesome when those lesser known are given a chance to shine on Clone Wars. In fact it’s one of the best things to come from the animated series. “Dengar is one of the elite, ” Pegg said of the character, appearing in the episode “Bounty”, “If you’re on Darth Vader’s bounty-hunter speed dial, you are the best in the galaxy.” “Bounty” will find Dengar teaming up with Boba Fett, Bossk, and Asajj Ventress, who’s turned bounty hunter after Grievous attacked and killed almost all of her fellow Nightsisters.

Here’s a clip, which is sadly un-embeddable, but if you click the image you’ll be linked.

I think Pegg’s voice is a perfect fit for Dengar, what do you think?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

It should come as no surprise some of the most popular toys are Star Wars toys. The film series wouldn’t have become the cultural phenomenon it is today without its merchandising, and especially without its line of toys.

So who’d ever think a Star Wars toy could be inappropriate. Videogame developer Ross Mills thought it was at least odd for The Early Learning Centre, “a British retail chain specialising in toys for young children with an educative agenda”, to be selling Anakin Skywalker toys.

I mean, dude, I know Hayden Christensen wasn’t the best as Anakin, but — oh, wait. You mean because he goes all evil as Darth Vader, don’t you? Oops. Nevermind.

Here’s the letter Mills sent airing his grievances,

From: Ross Mills

To those responsible for choosing the toys they wish to sell at the Early Learning Centre, as well as in-store advertising.

I was recently walking past the Dundee Early Learning Centre, and was shocked and disgusted to see an advert for Star Wars toys, prominently featuring the characters Yoda and Anakin Skywalker as positive figures.

Personally, I could not be more shocked. I thought the Early Learning Centre was a place for positive reinforcement of positive actions for children, but yet, here it was, actively promoting one of the most evil characters in the Star Wars universe. Anakin Skywalker.

Now, I am aware that Anakin was not always evil, and was in-fact an innocent in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace, however, I wish to press on you the severity of his actions starting upon joining the Jedi Order as a Padawan:

* Consistent and flagrantly ignoring the rules, orders and limits set on him by his Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
* Killing an entire tribe of sand-people on Tatooine
* Killing the unarmed Count Dooku
* Cutting the arm off a Jedi Knight, Mace Windu. (Need I remind you that the Jedi
Knights are the PROTECTORS of peace and justice throughout the Star Wars saga?)
* Pledging himself to the Dark Side of the force, an organisation based on the teachings of the Sith, involving Brutality, Fear, Anger, and Hatred, including severe humanistic racism when they came into power forming the Empire
* Acted as the right-hand of the Sith Emperor
* Choked his wife using the power of the Force, nearly killing her and undeniably an act which eventually led to her death.
* Attempted killing of Jedi Knight and Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

And, last of all, and the most important

* The massacre of an entire school of young Jedi Children.

Now, I ask you, how can you sell such toys, promoting such individuals, in your establishment?

Sincerely, Ross Mills

And then the incredibly awesome, totally rad response from a Client Support Manager at
The Early Learning Centre

Dear Mr Mills

As an avid Star Wars fan myself I can relate to your points below and see the perspective that Anakin Skywalker (in his teenage years onwards) is by no means a ‘positive’ role model, nor is he intended to be represented as such.

We sell a wide range of characters from the Star Wars universe, including stormtroopers, scout troopers, Commander Cody and so forth. With particular reference to the two former characters both are generally considered to be ‘bad’ and unlike Anakin have had no periods of being ‘good’ or ‘redemption’ and are provided to give the ‘good guys’ someone to triumph over. While ideally the Jedi Council would have no enemies and would sit in their chambers sipping Bothan rum, it’s not particularly interesting for a small child (unless of course they wish to populate their ‘tea parties’ with Star Wars characters in which case we fully endorse this!)

For a child to fully immerse themselves in the Star Wars products we sell I would hesitate a guess that said child is a fan of the Clone Wars cartoon series (the prequels and sequels being of an age most would agree is unsuitable for the age range we cater for). In this series Anakin is very much portrayed as a force of good, and our aim is to provide fans of the series with both heroes and villains so they can replay the epic battles of the show in the comfort of their own home.

It’s unlikely that children of that age have seen any of the Star Wars films, however if they have I beg to offer the following counterpoints to ‘the sins of Anakin’

* Anakin loved his mother a great deal and always treated her with respect 
* Rescued his master several times from assassins, pit monsters, droid troopers etc. 
* Rescued Amidalla from assassin snakes, pit monsters, the Trade Federation and even found time to romance her in the fields of Naboo 
* Built C3PO 
* Won the Podrace 
* Killed the evil emperor to save his son 
* I would also argue that if a child has seen all the films they’ll see Anakin as a hero who went wrong but ultimately paid the supreme sacrifice to atone for his sins.

There may be better role models out there for a child, but for the period our toys are aimed at (the Clone Wars), Anakin remains very much ‘hero material’ and is a popular and welcome addition to our range.

Kind regards, 
Paul ******** 
Client Support Manager 
The Early Learning Centre

Brilliant. If ever were to cross the pond and spawn, my wee-ones would be getting their Star Wars toys from these guys.

Source: Bleeding Cool

At the risk of becoming the Lego beat writer (Exhibit A), I have to show you another set of fabulous Lego creations. Super Punch has posted a few Star Wars creations made from the tiny, colorful blocks. It looks like these are from the Clone Wars movie. I love how Iain Heath portrayed the lightsaber with multiple thin bricks to show light and movement!

A few images are below, but head over to Super Punch for the full view. In addition, Heath has additional Lego collections at Flickr.