the collector

When the Guardians of the Galaxy went to Knowhere to meet Gamora’s buyer, audiences were introduced to Taneleer Tivan, The Collector (Benicio Del Toro), whose sole MO is to collect the galaxy’s unique relics, fauna, and species as part of his collections. In his museum, he had Cosmo the space Dog (please let him be in Guardians 2 and have telepathy), Howard The Duck, A Dark Elf, A Chitauri soldier, the Slither space slug, and even possibly Beta Ray Bill and Adam Warlock. He actively sought out the Power Stone, and offered to purchase Groot upon his death. Needless to say, he likes to collect things.



Will The Collector be coming back for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? Despite a social media comment made by co-star Zoe Saldana to the portray-er of The Collector, Benicio Del Toro, last fall that included “I’ll see you on Guardians!”, the future of some of the supporting characters seems a little less certain than that of their core counterparts. Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, and Vin Diesel will of course be returning, as will Michael Rooker, who played Yondu, and Karen Gillan, who played Nebula. Situations for Lee Pace, who played Ronan, and Del Toro, are not as certain. (more…)


We all know the story by now about Marvel taking a punt on Guardians of the Galaxy compounded by their bold decision to hire the cult-ish idiosyncratic director James Gunn to helm the movie (which turned out to be an absolute stroke of genius). The film opened huge (one of the biggest films of 2014) and a talking Raccoon with a big ass gun became a household name. Sometimes you just can’t predict how the public are going to take to a film, and it almost makes tracking techniques seem irrelevant (anyways, that is another topic for another time). Gunn has recently opened up about the development process of Guardians of the Galaxy, revealing how it all came together. In the wide-ranging interview, Gunn talks about the state of the script when he came onboard the tightly-cogged, well-oiled Marvel machine, and it all makes for a rather interesting read. (more…)


Guardians of the Galaxy made it rain last night at Thursday preview screenings with a haul of $11.2 million in ticket sales for two shows. It’s obvious that this is going to be a big weekend for the near universally acclaimed new entry in the Marvel Studios canon. Speaking of canon, it’s well known that Marvel includes little bonuses in their films,  a teaser, or spoiler, or hint about what comes next, and Guardians is no exception. So what is it, you’re asking if you haven’t already seen the movie. Well, if you absolutely, positively must know, read below to get the details. By the way, SPOILERS AHEAD! (more…)


More casting news coming at you!  This time around, the Marvel ‘phase 2’ property and James Gunn directed Guardians of the Galaxy is picking up someone new.  And that someone?  An actress that many may not be familiar with, Ophelia Lovibond.

So far there are no solid details regarding who Lovibond will be playing, unfortunately.  The ‘rumormill’, however, puts the actress in the role of a character known as The Collector – a kind of intergalactic archaeologist/anthropologist.  Normally, The Collector was a dude, so, if the rumor is true, there’ll be a bit of gender-bending going on.

And while that’s up in the air, it is known for sure that she’ll be rounding out a cast that currently consists of Chris Pratt as Star Lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer and Michael Rooker as Yondu. The Guardians’ cast is almost ready to go and they’re expected to start in on production sometime this June.

Check out Guardians of the Galaxy when it finally hits theaters next year on August 1st.


Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the heads-up.