The Dark Tower

Over forty years and eight sprawling novels, the Man in Black fled across worlds and the gunslinger followed. They chased from comic books (a prequel series), an animated TV show (in an alternate universe), and now, finally, there’s a big-screen, big-budget adaptation of The Dark Tower that was more than a decade in the making. Less an adaptation proper of Stephen King‘s series than a continuation that begs, borrows, and lifts ideas, concepts, and characters into a hyper-condensed running time (all of 95 minutes, including credits), The Dark Tower won’t (and shouldn’t) win any converts to King’s self-described multiverse-spanning magnum opus (including a planned TV series) or thrill longtime fans who’ll rightly feel cheated by The Dark Tower’s failure to convey the wonder and awe, the scale and spectacle, of King’s work.



While everyone was expecting to see the first footage from The Dark Tower later this month at Entertainment Weekly‘s Popfest, it appears that someone at Sony decided to post an unfinished version of the international trailer to their personal Vimeo page. Now, with the Internet being the Internet, this trailer is loose in the wild, never to be caged again. At least until the lawyers get those C&D emails flowing. So grab a look at the adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower trailer before we’re asked to take it down. (more…)

After being closely guarded for months, more and more details about the upcoming Dark Tower film are coming in as fast and furious as Shardik rampaging towards Eddie Dean.  Thanks to EWs coverage of the film, Constant Readers of the series, and curious newcomers, are finally getting a bit more of the entire picture when it comes to what to expect from the adaptation of Stephen King’s massive series of the same name.  Today, new information was again revealed regarding the key players of the film and, even better, there are some new set photos that may encourage those on the fence about the film to jump to one side or the other.  In addition, the stars of the film have now revealed a bit on the direction their characters will be taking in the upcoming film.  Using these new photos and information, there is plenty to be learned about the direction that the film will take.  From here on out, you are entering SERIOUS potential spoiler territory for the film and the book series, so continue onto those waste lands with that warning in your heart.  Seriously, if you have not read the books, turn around NOW. (more…)


The Dark Tower series from horror master Stephen King is considered by some to be almost as holy as the best-selling book in history (save yourself the GTS – it’s the bible).  The tale of the last gunslinger, a knight of sorts (or, Jedi, if you like that better), the series tells the story of Roland Deschain as he obsessively tracks the man in black, who holds the key to reaching The Dark Tower, a structure that sits at the center of existence.  For years, the series has been ripe for a big screen adaptation and now that the wheel of Ka has begun to turn a bit more quickly, not only is filming of the first entry in the movie series well underway, but there seem to be daily updates and photos of the film’s progress.  Today, the latest update comes from Entertainment Weekly and gives fans their first official look at Idris Elba as the gunslinger, himself, Roland, and Matthew McConaughey as the biggest bad guy in King’s stable, Randall Flagg. (more…)


It’s really happening, you guys. The adaptation of Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower series into (hopefully) just as epic films has begun. Filming is taking place in Cape Town, South Africa presently; with Nikolaj Arcel directing a talent-ridden cast including Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, and Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road). King is adamant on forewarning fans not to expect a direct adaptation of the books, however, because that’s not what they’re going to get. Anthony Breznican (from Entertainment Weekly) recently interviewed King and Arcel on his Sirius XM show, Behind the Scenes with Anthony Breznican, and here’s some excerpts of what the duo had to say about the highly anticipated first film. (more…)

Dark Tower 2

Like it or not, the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is finally moving full speed ahead.  After years of false starts and failed attempts, King’s magnum opus is less than a year from hitting the big screen and filming has already commenced.  While the casting of the main character, Roland Deschain, has been one of the most controversial aspects of the new film, it has not stopped actor Idris Elba from stepping fulling into the role and today, we have the pictures to prove it. (more…)


Dark Tower fans, for one of the first times since the movie adaptation finally found a home at Sony, there is some good news on the horizon. After a bit of a casting misstep in the eyes of many fans and the addition of an absolutely superfluous new villain, not to mention the news that The Dark Tower film series will not begin with the first book in the series, The Gunslinger, Sony finally has made another great decision (the first, of course, being the master casting of Matthew McConaughey as The Man In Black), possibly two. It seems that two of Roland’s tet-mates may have been cast and if the news is to be believed, Eddie Dean and Jake Chambers have not only been found but, believe it or not, the casting is right on target. (more…)

Dark Tower

Well, this isn’t looking good for fans of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.  After years and years of resting in development purgatory (is it really “hell” when it took years to even find a studio willing to produce the project?), Stephen King’s magnum opus is finally headed to the big screen and fans of Roland and The Ka Tet of Nineteen have been patiently waiting to see just what the Hollywood machine would do to this very beloved tale.  Things started to become worrisome with the production when rumors of Idris Elba’s involvement as the gunslinger at the center of the saga, Roland Deschain, hit the interwebs. Now, fans have a bit more to be worried about. Today, Abby Lee, who was absolutely brilliant in Mad Max: Fury Road, has been cast as a female lead in The Dark Tower. That isn’t the problem. The problem is that she has been cast as a completely new character: Tirana. Yes, believe it or not, Hollywood is changing an almost perfect story. (more…)


It looks like the Dark Tower production is heating up. Last month word was making the Internet rounds that Matthew McConaughey had his choice of roles for the series, either as the Gunslinger Roland, or the Man in Black Roland chases into the desert. Perhaps McConaughey has made his choice because now the latest word is that Idris Elba is the front-runner to strap on the Gunslinger’s six shooters. (more…)