the exorcist


There’s a new fad in the horror genre: The “Novel Turned Film Turned TV Show”.

First Robert Bloch’s novel Psycho became Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Psycho, and is now A&E’s series Bates Motel.

Then Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter books were made into a vaguely connected series of films–about half of which were quite good. The first novel, Red Dragon, was adapted into two films: Michael Mann’s Manhunter, and Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon–and is now the basis for NBC’s new cult series Hannibal.

And it seems likely that William Peter Blatty‘s brilliant novel The Exorcist–which became William Friedkin‘s groundbreaking film The Exorcist, will now become somebody’s TV series The Exorcist.

The project is still looking for a network to call home. Little else is known except that Fantastic Four reboot scribe Jeremy Slater will be working on it, and Roy Lee of Bates Motel is attached to executive produce.

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Yes, in case you were wondering this is a picture of me on a typical Saturday when I was ten. I know I ruled, even then. Anyway, where were we, oh yeah…

Whatever your fancy when it comes to slashing, monsters, gore, and fucked up imagery there comes a time in every horror movie where the last remaining character must face off against the evil force that has massacred the rest of the cast.  God knows, the list is staggering, but most if not all modern day horror movie survivors must praise and thank these top 5.  Not only for knowing how to kick ass and take names, but they also helped create the cliche’s that every other horror movie after them has lovingly adapted to get some of their cast out of harms way. Here is the top 5 awesome characters that managed to escape their impending doom.