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It’s hard to believe we’ve gone from being totally excited about a Sylvester Stallone-lead action movie featuring all the biggest names of 80s and 90s action to just rolling our eyes at how quickly the whole thing was commoditized and turned into just another creatively bankrupt Hollywood franchise. Having said that though, and having accepted the lackluster reception for last year’s third Expendables movie, Stallone says he’s all in for part four. Don’t worry though, the actor/filmmaker says he’s learned all the important lessons in making these movies and next it will totally be different. He promises. Pinky swear and everything. (more…)


Sylvester Stallone’s pushing up iron and pushing out action movies while pushing 70. He’s reinvented his career around blue-haired male actors shooting up foreign lands for machismo’s sake. The novelty was pretty kickass on paper and ‘The Expendables’ 1 & 2 turned out okay. When you go see a movie built on a mindless foundation, you have to dumb yourself down. That forced mental degradation made both movies, as well as loud farts, wildly enjoyable. Banking on our willingness to digress into stupidity for two hours, Stallone spearheaded the final installment of the trilogy nobody needed. The third film is doing terribly in theaters, indicating that our patience has run out. Instead of throwing in the towel, old Sly dog has decided to spin off the series with an all-female cast called ‘The Expendabelles.‘ Headlining his dream team would be Sigourney Weaver, of ‘Aliens’ fame. Guess what she said about that. (more…)


We’ve been treated to so much goodness this summer already that we forgot about the all important concluding chapter of the pivotal Expendables trilogy. Chock a block full of Sylvester Stallone’s buddies, The Expandables 3 promises to be the rootinest, tootinest, shooinest, explodiest Expendables of them all with the returning old guns, some more veterans joining the fray, and a group of newbie recruits. From the looks of it, this three-quel promises nothing less than an entire neighborhood being destroyed in the midst of all it’s action. And apparently, Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes cement their bromance with a game of knives. That’s sweet. (more…)


Because sometimes one, two, or even 10 tough guys aren’t enough, we get our first sneak peak at The Expendables 3, the venerable franchise that’s the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen of big dumb 80s action movie stars. For this new outing, series stalwarts like Sylvester Stallone, Terry Crews, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Randy Couture are teamed with new recruits Kellen Lutz, Ronda Roussey, Victor Ortiz, Glen Powell and newish (read: old) additions like Harrison Ford, Kelsey Grammer, Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Mel Gibson. So keeping in mind that this is a teaser trailer, does this first look get you excited about the new film, or does it make you feel as tired as its stars look? You be the judge. (more…)


This summer will be a testosterone overflow as Hollywood’s ancient action heroes Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews and Arnold Schwarzenegger return to their roles to do some major ass-kicking in The Expendables 3Also joining the all-star cast this year is  Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Kelsey Grammar, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Kellan Lutz, MMA star Ronda Rousey, welterweight boxing champion Victor Ortiz and Glen Powell. The most hardcore cast in movie history is officially back and ready for action! Can’t wait until next summer? Meet the gang NOW in the brand-new teaser trailer.



Everyone’s favorite radio shrink is joining the cast of director Patrick Hughes’ The Expendables 3. Well, Kelsey Grammer is, not Frasier Crane, but now that I think about it, seeing the Crane brothers in an Expendables movie would be a hoot. For those of you thinking that Grammer can’t play the tough guy, go check out Starz’s series Boss. Grammer can bring the malevolent heat with the best of them.

Grammer’s handlers are in the final stages to close the deal that would have Grammer play Bonaparte, an ex-mercenary who helps the Expendables in their mission.That was the role Stallone originally wanted Nicolas Cage to play. That means Cage is out and Grammer is in.

That’s not the only hard-hitting role we’ll see Grammer in. He’s playing the human villain in Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

The Expendables 3 cast now includes Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, Antonio Banderas, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Wesley Snipes.

The Expendables 3 hits theater screens on August 15th, 2014.

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This time on The BastardCast, Jere… screw it. BATMAN FEVER! Ben Affleck is the latest actor to put on the cowl and Jeremy and Jason have armed themselves against the imposing waves of nerd hate to talk about the good, the bad, and the unknown regarding Warner Bros. shocking choice.

That’s not all! There’s other stuff to discuss like Sylvester Stallone’s possible Rambo return, the way that Mel Gibson may be curling his way back to legitimacy, a cell phone that goes up your butt (no, it’s not the platinum iPhone), and a robot stand-up comedian.

More? Fine! Jason yells about Steven Moffat’s comments about the Doctor’s regeneration limit, Katee Sackhoff wants to play Harley Quinn and Mark Wahlberg wants to play Iron Man, and a Canadian dentist wants to play God thanks to his pricey purchase of a John Lennon tooth and advances in Mammoth cloning.

We’ve also got Jason drooling all over The World’s End, Simon Pegg getting lippy about Star Trek fans, Sean Connery’s sad cinematic death, and for some reason, Jason adopts a Scottish accent for the last 7 minutes of the show.

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The BastardCast: We did not try to set Dick Van Dyke on fire.



As has become to norm for big casting announcements, Sylvester Stallone – one of the 80s greatest action stars who continues to remind us of his former glory with every installment of The Expendables – broke the news on Twitter only hours ago that Harrison Ford is joining The Expendables 3!

As you can also see, former Expendables cameo and eventual co-star, Bruce Willis is out. But Ford is in! Something I think fans will be quite happy with. I wonder how this will affect Ford’s chances of ever reprising his role as Indiana Jones, as he was only teasing earlier today? Or, how will this effect his possible involvement with Star Wars: Episode VII?

What do you think of Harrison Ford joining the macho gang for The Expendables threequel? And do you think Willis chose not to come back, or was asked to not come back?

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Sylvester Stallone teased his Twitter followers yesterday about who might be directing Expendables III. You can check out the entire Twitter feed here. The end result being Stallone’s choice of Patrick Hughes to direct the next Expendables sequel.

Hughes only has one feature film under his belt, but Stallone likes it, he likes it a lot. The trailer for Hughes’ Red Hill is below and there’s also a short film of Hughes, Signs, that Stallone couldn’t stop tweeting about. Stallone had tried to get Mel Gibson to direct, but somehow that didn’t work out.

Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Does Hughes film style fit the Expendables mold?

Hughes short film Signs.

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Sylvester Stallone put a casting news update for The Expendables III on his Facebook page to confirm that Nicolas Cage is signed up and that he (Stallone) is still hoping to get Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, and Mickey Rourke on board.Really though, besides Harrison Ford do any of those guys have any reason NOT to do the movie? Wesley Snipes needs the money to pay taxes on all the other money he has not paid taxes on, Rourke has managed to revive his career and flush it right back down the toilet again faster than a speeding bullet. It is going to really take some work on Stallone’s part to get Harrison Ford involved, I’d put money on Ford not getting any where near this movie with a ten foot pole.

Sly couldn’t resist the urge to throw a stone or two at the movie’s critics while making this announcement, you’d think  that with a movie like this he would just have fun, make some money, and let it be. Does he really think that critics would fawn over this type of movie, Lord help us if Stallone starts reading reviews of his Dolly Parton movie Rhinestone.

We are preparing the film with the same passion and commitment as the previous two. We have confirmed Nicolas Cage, a master actor who gives a veneer intellectual group. Hopefully we can realize to Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes and Mickey Rourke. That is the great mission of the producer. We will continue with the same narrative scheme, the agility and the frenzy, which are inherent to the saga. What will definitely be the last? I can not guarantee. In principle it would be two deliveries, but the affection of the people encouraged us to work on a third. I guess as long as we amused ourselves by offering fun and people, we can continue playing ‘The Expendables’. For now we are not as expendable as it should and as some critics want.

Sly Stallone

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