The Fate of the Furious

Let’s face it, no one thought that the Fast and the Furious franchise would last as long as it has. It’s actually surprising that a movie made in 2001 about a bunch of car thieves would expand into an eight film franchise filled with (now) car-thief/international spies. The premise is ridiculous, and yet, it has grossed more than $5 billion worldwide, becoming Universal’s biggest film franchise. In the most recent film, The Fate of the Furious, they upped the ante and had Vin Diesel’s Dominic betray his “family” and team up with a cyber terrorist, forcing them to save both him and the free world. The film was pure popcorn fun, and based on the box office, there’s no slowing this down.


A few decades back, an advert for a big-budget, superhero adaptation claimed moviegoers would “believe a man could fly.” Except, of course, he wasn’t a man. He was a Superman and the movie, Superman: The Movie officially kickstarted big-screen, comic-book superheroes (Superman and Batman, the only superheroes who really counted back then). Soon enough audiences took the whole flying thing for granted, wanted more and eventually, got more. It took almost four decades, though, before the whole superhero thing took over pop culture completely. Even a one-time illegal street racing flick, a Point Break knock-off no less, eventually mutated into the equivalent of superheroes with muscle cars. Forget believing a man could fly. Now moviegoers will not only believe a muscle car can jump over a submarine, they’ll willing applaud the utter and total ridiculousness of it all. And “ridiculous” is exactly the right word where the multi-billion dollar Fast & Furious series is concerned: It’s turned into a gravity- and logic-defying live-action cartoon, pure escapist, sensory-overloading fun. (more…)

Through the Fast and Furious series there have been a lot of amazing stunts. There was racing through the streets of Rio dragging a huge safe in Fast 5, there was the pursuit of a cargo plane down the world’s largest runway in Furious 6, and a drone strike rained down hellfire on our intrepid heroes in Furious 7. So what on Earth can the eighth movie of the franchise do to take things up another notch? How about a submarine attack and a new t-shirt? (more…)


2016 had its share of movies. Sure, some of them were duds, but overall, it was a pretty good year for the box office, and an even better year if you were a superhero geek! Now that 2016 is almost done, we have to look forward to the plethora of awesome movies in the pipeline for 2017. Fandango, everyone’s favorite website for purchasing tickets often polls their users to see what they think. They recently asked users what movies they are looking forward to for 2017 and the results were interesting (if not predictable).



You were probably asking yourself before seeing this trailer: Can the Fast and the Furious movies get any bigger? The answer, as proved in this first trailer for the eight film in the series, The Fate and the Furious, is a resounding “Ah, hell yes!” Come the spring, the film formally known as Fast 8 will open in theatres everywhere with the hopes that the billion dollar franchise, once the street racing pastiche of Point Break, will keep rolling in the green as it goes further into James Bond-like globetrotting and espionage. Beware though, because this chapter will see your favourite criminal with a heart of gold go bad. (more…)


This seems to be the week for trailers, doesn’t it? We kicked off with The Mummy reboot, suffered through Transformers: The Last Knight, high-fived over the return of Spider-Man, and just this morning got chills over the The War of the Planet of the Apes. To wrap the week, or begin again next week, Universal Pictures is giving us a sneak peak of the Fast 8 trailer, which is now improbably titled The Fate of the Furious. That makes it sound like this is some kind of mystical kung-fu movie, but one look at the teaser posted below definitely says this action flick is a whole lot bigger and louder than that.  (more…)