The Fly

Following the announcement of a remake of David Cronenberg’s gut-wrenching body-horror ick-fest The Fly, horror fans weren’t exactly abuzz with anticipation. Remakes are generally greeted with all the enthusiasm of a fart in an elevator these days, and after the remake of other squelchy 80’s horror mainstay The Thing was as bland as an oatmeal stain on a grey tie, people aren’t holding out much hope for this one. Slated by FOX to direct is J.D. Dillard alongside scriptwriter Alex Theurer, the team behind recent fantasy drama Sleight. In an effort to allay the cynicism, Dillard recently gave an interview talking about his ideas on how to make remakes work. (more…)

The Fly has been a timeless story. The original black and white film first came out in 1958 detailing a teleportation device accident (in which a fly accidently goes in the machine) and transforms a scientist into a human-fly hybrid mutant. The horror classic spawned two sequels, Return of the Fly and Curse of the Fly. In 1986 the original film was remade with a much-needed horror and gore upgrade in which Jeff Goldblum this time was the scientist who transformed into the monster. Directed by David Cronenberg, the remake is considered a classic. However, we are in an era of endless remakes, so eventually, this was going to get another upgrade, right?  (more…)