The Fourth Kind

51O9M7WT6vL._SL500_AA300_After a week hiatus, its another Tuesday and we got DVDs coming out as usual. Now if you don’t how this works its pretty much your one stop place to come and see if you should do the following with the newly released DVD: Buy, Rent, or Pass. Yeah, it may not be original but what isn’t on the internet, we just hope we be the site you come and read for your DVD info or else we all here will cry…well, I’ll cry if that matters. Anyways, check after the break to see whats coming (heh, coming) out. (more…)

As if any respectable Nerd needed further convincing, that supposed archival, documentary footage in alien abduction, fright flick ’The Fourth Kind” is  bogus. An insider from who worked on the film told the following:


I can assure you it is totally fake. The interviews were shot in High Def on a soundstage with actors and then made to look like bad home video. The college logos and video break-up was added by a visual effects team.

Well I for one am shocked, shocked I tell you! I don’t think I can believe in anything anymore. (sarcasm folks learn to love it)