The Gifted

If you had any hopes of The Gifted crossing over with other X-Men related titles, you can stop. At least for now, any possibility of crossovers were shut down during Friday’s panel at San Diego Comic Con. However, it wasn’t all bad news as fans were treated to an extended trailer for the new series. In the trailer, fans will finally get names with the faces they’ve been seeing, as well as better demonstrations of the powers that will be featured on the show. For a look at the extended trailer, as well as more news from SDCC 2017, make the jump.


The success of Legion on FX proves that there’s a place for mutants on our TV screens when done right. So will The Gifted do it right? The last time Fox tried an X-Menbased TV show, it was the pilot movie Generation X in 1996, and to say it was a “disaster” still feels somehow understated, and you’ll note that in-spite of 17 years of X-Men success no one’s ever suggested we revisit the concept. This time though, it seems like Fox is doing it right, and though this may have nothing to do with the X-MenThe Gifted definitely looks, sounds, and feels like an X-Men show.  (more…)