The God Complex


We’re into the final stretch, Doctor Who returns with the second half of its seventh season in less than 24 hours! How have you been holding up? Did you enjoy our Doctor Who fan art compilation? What did you think of The Eleven Best Episodes From The Eleventh Doctor, Part 1? Well, we hope you liked them, we did it all for you. We’re even running a contest where you could win a Doctor Who Companion Prize Pack!

The first part of our best episodes list covered Season 5, Matt Smith‘s first season, and what I still consider to be one of the finest seasons of Doctor Who, ever. From here on out the picks for our will be pulled from Seasons 6 and 7A, which I’ll admit are a trickier bunch to choose from. It was only a matter of time before the Moffat Era of Who would begin hitting a few bumps along the way. But that’s not to suggest there aren’t some simply spectacular episodes of Doctor Who yet to come! Hit the jump for more of the Eleventh Doctor’s best episodes. Come along, Ponds!


DOCTOR WHO: “The God Complex”

Series Six of Doctor Who┬áhas been the show’s most earnest effort yet to present a joined narrative across the length of a season through a series of (hopefully) self-contained vignettes. You can watch most of the episodes in the series without any preparation or prior knowledge and enjoy most of what you’re seeing, but if you watch everything from start to finish you see something developing, something building toward a conclusion. Themes and emotional threads run through every single episode, whether it’s a big picture kind of story full of character revelations, or a simple monster hunt. More than any other episode in this series so far, “The God Complex” is an episode that attempts to bring those disparate elements – self-containment and overarching mythology – together into a multi-purpose narrative. It doesn’t always work, but it is effective in its expression of what seems to be the most prominent concern of Series Six: that for all his joviality and manic hope, The Doctor remains a herald of doom for those he cares about.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. There’s really no way to review this one without them. You’ve been warned.