The Governator

How’s everyone feeling about Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s The Governator, his first entertainment project since returning to private life? For those out of the loop, it’s an upcoming animated series that Arnie and the immortal Stan Lee co-created. The trailer for it just hit the interwebs and I can’t decide if it’s awesome or terrible. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d envision. Arnie makes an announcement that after being a body builder, actor and politician (a mediocre one at best!), he’s gonna live the typical private life. Really though, he becomes a crime fighting vigilante who has Iron Man type suits, a Kaneda like bike from Akira and for some reason teenage minions.  Watch the trailer below:

My favorite part: “I won’t be back” About a minute later… “I’m back”.

It looks like this should be one of those low budget TV Funhouse cartoon jokes on SNL, but no, this is a real cartoon aimed at kids. Then again, how can this be bad? Schwarzenegger is in it and it’s called “The Governator”! What more do you want? Perhaps if they do an episode where Conan O’Brian’s ‘The Flaming C’ guest spots. Amazeballs!

In other Governator news, there will be a 3D film as well. Deadline reports:

At a MIPTV press conference this morning, Arnold Schwarzenegger added a 3D feature film to rollout plans for his multi-platform project The Governator. The film is part of a plan that will include an animated TV series, a comic book and Internet programming. The feature film will be ready in early 2013

Ridiculous? Perhaps, but to be fair, he’s had one of the best lives and careers anyone could ask for, so if he wants to be stupid with the rest of his life, why the hell not?

Source: EW


One man has a tough grasp of the English language, the other makes up his own words that get added to the English Language, and together they’re gonna make it big. Both of these men have made huge strides in their respected businesses and both are cult superstars.  Now it looks like they’ll be partners. Yeah, it sounds like a messed up ABC comedy, but this is an actual project between former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and comic book hero Stan Lee. In the rumor mill for the last month, this project is finally coming out to see the sunshine in the form of an animated TV show and comic books.

He said he’d be back… (more…)