The Green Hornet

When you hear people talk about “the Hollywood machine” it’s best to picture a contraption with a conveyor belt leading to a steel chute full of hammers and spinning blades. Good scripts are like adorable lambs who look at you with big, trusting eyes as you tearfully place them on the belt and assure them that they’re going to a big multiplex theater upstate where all the popcorn is free and none of the usherettes have acne. One man who knows the ins and outs of the machine better than most is supernerd Kevin Smith. While some of his scripts have staggered into cinemas, many more have become clogged in the cogs and gears. If he’s still got the fight in him, here are five Kevin Smith projects we’d like to see him resurrect.



The Green Hornet. Legendary comic book character to some, and to others, a terrible Seth Rogen movie.  This is a character that once, back in the 60’s, went toe-to-toe in popularity with Batman. Sadly, this emerald colored crimefighter got reduced to stoner material with Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen‘s 2011 superhero comedy. While some enjoyed the laughs and action (“Kato-vision” was also a really neat take on “bullet time.”), it completely failed to bring this once famous character back into the spotlight, and instead, got remembered as the movie where Seth Rogen wasn’t fat anymore.

Well, hey, don’t count a good superhero down. In a world where Spider-Man can get multiple reboots, so can’t every other superhero. The Green Hornet is coming back! This time from a director in much more capable hands.  (more…)

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Currently nerdbastards has not seen ‘The Green Hornet’, the live-action comic-book adaptation which premiered last night. Personally, I never go to theatrical releases anymore. Not when this bastard gets to go to advance press screenings. In this circumstance I missed my local advanced screening. I wasn’t feeling too good, theater was an hour a way and, well I hate Seth Rogen’s face. I don’t hate Seth Rogen. I just hate his face. He’s a hideous fucking chud, yet he scores a mad amount of pussy. I just don’t get it. I know he has money and he’s funny (subject to opinion), but come on, he’s uglier than a bludgeoned fish. Who the hell would sleep with that man?

Anyway, back to ‘The Green Hornet’. Here’s a film that was long in the making. Michel Gondry wanted to do it years back, 97 I believe, but because of some creative disputes in got tossed side. Kevin Smith,  at one point had been interested in flexing his directing skills by tackling a live-action hornet flick. Of course Kevin came to the realization that all of us knew, that he has no directing skills. Once he figured that out he basically said “Fuck it. I’m out. I’m gonna eat my wife’s ass instead”. Later his vision of ‘The Green Hornet’ was released in comic-book form, which was met with a “meh” response from critics. Later Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg won over control of the project in 2007. Eventually Michel Gondry came back into the fray and here we are, 4 years later with Rogen playing Britt Reid, the titular character who teams up with martial arts expert and genius engineer Kato (played by Jay Chou) to defeat the vicious Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz). Was it worth the wait?

Like I said I have not seen it and thus cannot judge. I’ve heard Rogen was completely unlikable. Kato and his “Kato vision” was awesome. Folks tell me it’s an insult to the source material. A silly, slapstick ‘Bromance’  that was intermittently entertaining.

Well, why don’t you bastards tell us what you think. Is Rogan a furry troll, or am I just crazy? Seriously though, what did you guys think of “The Green Hornet”? Have at thee! Discuss the film in the comments below. Spoilers are welcomed.

International Green Hornet Trailer


The internet got their hands on the international trailer of the upcoming Green Hornet film and if you’re wondering what makes it international, well, it features more Kato, played by Jay Chou (Initial D). The trailer features how Chou’s Kato evens out with Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet character and to be honest, this trailer got me interested in the film.

Check the trailer out as it shows both the action and comedy the film will have. See if it pumps you up for the film when it comes out in January.

Source: Topless Robot, /Film