The Inhumans

Marvel Studios‘ next great gambit is coming to a theatre near you this fall, and then it will be coming to your TV screens. After years of promising a big screen version of The Inhumans, Marvel ended up pulling the last piece of their Phase 3 plan, only to repurpose it as a TV series that will take the unusual step of premiering it’s first two hours in IMAX theatres before airing on ABC later this year. There’s some eager anticipation out there to see what Marvel’s going to do with this ambitious endeavour, and speaking of eager, here’s your first look at the Royal family of Attilan.  (more…)

Long live the King! After years of toiling on the railroad on AMC’s Hell on Wheels, actor Anson Mount finally finds a role worthy of an actor looking to play a king, and following up on the recent announcement that Game of Throne’s Iwan Rheon was going to play another backstabbing scoundrel in the form of Maximus, comes word that Mount will play his TV brother, Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans. The upcoming ABC series based on the Marvel Comic will feature the Inhuman royal family, the ruler of which has the super-power to destroy entire cities just by whispering a single word. This guy, you don’t want to mess with. (more…)


Recall, if you will, that strange development a few months ago where it was announced that ABC and Marvel Studios were developing a series based on The Inhumans. More ambitiously then that, the pilot will be screened in IMAX theatres for two weeks prior to the show’s small screen premiere, which mean the pressure is on to make Inhumans more than a great TV experience, but a great big screen experience, at least for episode one. So no pressure, right? Still, Marvel will need someone who knows how to meet and exceed expectations with less-well-known characters, so enter the man behind the TV show version of the invincible Iron Fist. (more…)


The Inhumans have long since been on the drawing board for injection into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Originally, these off world enhanced humans were planned to have their own movie, at one point being on the books for a 2018 release. However, not long after the announcement of a film, Marvel revised their schedule and removed The Inhumans from its slate altogether. For a while, word on The Inhumans in the MCU was null, seemingly reading that Marvel didn’t quite know what to do with the characters/property. Much to the surprise of fans, it was announced this week that an Inhumans television series will be coming to ABC with the first two episodes premiering exclusively in IMAX commercial theaters in 2017.

So who are the Inhumans? Out of the endless crowds of guys and gals in funny outfits, what makes them ripe for television?  (more…)


As already mentioned today in a previous post, Marvel has been trying to heighten the appeal and visibility of The InhumansA lot that has to do with that fact that Marvel Studios can’t make X-Men movies, and the long-term game was to eventually get The Inhumans in movie form before the end of Phase 3. But a funny thing happened on the way to 2019, Inhumans were introduced on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans movie was quietly cancelled. Many interpreted that as Disney and Marvel not being too high on spending money on the moon-dwelling alien/human hybrids, but Kevin Feige says that’s not true.  (more…)

Vin Diesel Continues To Tease Something Inhuman

Are You Inhuman?

It is no secret that Vin Diesel likes teasing his fans with potential future film roles via social media. Thusly, ever since Guardians of the Galaxy went into pre-production, Diesel was constantly dropping hints that he was having meetings with Marvel. This led to numerous websites, blogs, and fans speculating as to which character he could possibly be in discussions to play within the Marvel Universe – and in particular, Guardians of the Galaxy, with the role eventually turning out to be Rocket Racoon’s partner in crime Groot. (more…)


Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the Inhumans; a super-powered offshoot of early humanity who first appeared way back in Fantastic Four #45 and who have been confirmed for the Marvel movie treatment in November 2018. Yesterday, Marvel gave the guys at an exclusive look at variant comic book covers coming out in 2015 to celebrate the anniversary of Black Bolt and his usually more vocal brethren. After announcing the covers, the folks at noticed something interesting.

WARNING: Possible Spoilers!



This time on your favorite podcast, Jeremy and Jason sell out and embrace societies appetite for celebrity gossip before grasping your ear hand and taking you through the wild week in Marvel Cinematic Universe news that saw the announcement of a Captain Marvel film, a Black Panther film, an Inhumans film, and all of the rest of Marvel’s impressive slate. Also, there are robot things and a monstrous #TacoTalk.

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Welcome back to the self proclaimed nerdy podcast of record, RadioBastard. This time on the show, Jeremy and Jason warn you about multiple robot threats, reveal the forbidden love of Daryl Dixon and Herschel’s Head (I loved that show) on the Walking Dead, discuss how Aquaman will cut you for real and the french fried circle of life.

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