the inquisitor


When Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace came out, despite your feelings about the film, there was one thing we could all agree on: Darth Maul was awesome! Why? Because he had a double-edged lightsaber, yo! Too simplistic? Maybe, but it looks like in the new animated series Star Wars: Rebels, the creators are upping the game by giving the villainous Inquisitor not just a lightsaber, and not just a double-lightsaber, but a spinning double-lightsaber. Taking bad ass to a whole new level, the blow clip introduces The Inquisitor (voiced by Jason Isaacs) and and his twirling weapon of hot death. (more…)


The Star Wars animated series have been some of the best Star Wars material fans have enjoyed in years. Yeah, I’m looking at you Phantom Menace. This Fall fans will be introduced to Star Wars: Rebels, the latest Star Wars animation incarnation. One critical factor in the success of the Star Wars mythos is a good villain. Star Wars: Rebels brings us a new Star Wars villain: The Inquisitor. Who’s voicing the role?  (more…)

star wars rebels

As the time-table ticks down to the eventual premiere of the new animated Star Wars Rebels series, the powers-that-be are having plenty of fun teasing us about what to expect. There have been pictures, discussions, videos and all the usual marketing spam and now they’ve got something new for us – an action figure. Yup, they plan on selling the crap out of this thing (was there any doubt?) and now we get a first look at the series’ chief baddie, The Inquisitor. Scroll down to check him out. (more…)