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Jim Henson’s The Storyteller was a series that retold various European folk tales, particularly ones considered obscure in the U.S. Henson combined a cast of actors and puppets for the story retellings. The series featured John Hurt in prosthetics and make-up telling these old folk tales to his puppet dog that acted as the point of view of the audience at home. The series had 1 season of 9 episodes and a spin-off of Greek Myths that had 4 episodes. But why is everyone talking about a puppet show that aired on the BBC in 1987? And what does Neil Gaiman have to do with it? If you guessed reboot, you’re absolutely right.



The Jim Henson Co. are the masters of puppetry, and it’s where the best in the business bring pieces of plastic and fabric to life and bring joy to children and adults alike. Between The Muppets and Sesame Street, generations have been touched by the work of these master puppet makers, and now  they’re opening their doors to find the next great puppeteer.It shouldn’t surprise anyone, that after the success of their SyFy show ” Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge” they’ve decided to return  to television with a show that introduces creators and their lovable creations to a world-wide audience. Find out more after the jump.



The Happytime Murders somehow seems to be simultaneously something you could totally see coming from The Jim Henson Co. (ex: “Happytime”), and something you never thought the puppeteer gang would produce (ex: “Murders”). And yet here we are with news of its development! Directed by Brian Henson (son of the late and great Jim Henson) and Erich & Jon Hoeber (Red, Red 2), from a script by Todd Berger & Dee Robertson, this project has actually been in the works for a number of years now. The film would be bringing a whole new side of comedy to light; featuring an R rating, some live-action, and brand new Muppet characters. It might be the newest name potentially signing on to the project that will really get things rolling, though: Jamie Foxx. (more…)



Jareth: You remind me of the babe.
Goblin: What babe?
Jareth: The babe with the power.
Goblin: What power?
Jareth: The power of voodoo.
Goblin: Who do?
Jareth: You do.
Goblin: Do what?
Jareth: Remind me of the babe…

This summer, prepare your life for hours of entertainment with your friends around the kitchen table. River Horse Studios announced this summer it will release Labyrinth The Board Game in partnership with The Jim Henson Company. Lavish details and solid rules from experienced game designers goes into this unique board game. Within the confines of each packaged game players will find: (more…)

Looks like we’ll be heading down to Fraggle Rock after all. The long road the Jim Henson Muppet creation has been taking to the big screen has seen a little movement according to The Hollywood Report. The Jim Henson Co. and Montecito Picture Co. are producing the big screen adaption and have hired writers Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian to pen the script. The pairs best know project is last year’s Oscar-winning animated lizard based western Rango.

After the success of The Muppets, it goes without saying this project could be fast tracked to hit screens and make the cash register ring.

Source: Cinema Blend

‘Fraggle Rock’ Movie Moving Ahead

 Jim Henson’s other puppet related show, Fraggle Rockhas been in production hell since it was optioned as a film back in 2005. It’s been moved from studio to studio.The Weinstein’s were the last ones messing around with it. Today however,  Deadline has reported that New Regency, the same studio behind the revived Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise, has won the rights to bring the Henson property to theaters. The Jim Henson Company and the Montecito Picture Company are serving as producers on the project.

Fraggle Rock first premiered on HBO in 1983, and ran for five seasons. The story followed “puppet characters Gobo, Wembley, Mokey, Boober and Red, who lived in Fraggle Rock. They interacted with humans who thought they were aliens.” Currently, there is no word on whether the film will continue the use of actual puppets like The Muppets or be a mixture of  CG and live action filming. A writer is being sought now to properly craft the story.

Fraggle Rock was a little after my time. Still, I’ve loved what little I’ve seen over the years. Much like the Muppets, the fraggles have a HUGE cult following. Fan or no fan, I don’t think anyone wants this franchise to get the Alvin and the Chipmunks treatment (shit script/director, poor vision). Personally, I think only Brian Henson has any business directing this.

Best to see how well The Muppets does.

Via: Deadline

(article by nerdbastards contributor Sarah Moran @SarahThisIs)

Guillermo Del Toro is putting his magic touch on another fairy tale classic, Pinocchio. We learned today Del Toro is teaming up with The Jim Henson Company (OMG! AWESOME!) and Pathe to create a 3D, stop-motion animated film that will more closely resemble the original Carlo Collodi tale than the Disney version. Expect this version of Pinocchio to be grittier, darker and more surreal. I’m hoping for a faithful adaption that won’t put us to sleep like the hum-drum Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton recently gave us. Del Toro talked about the children’s tale with Deadline,

“There has to be darkness in any fairy tale or children’s narrative work, something the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson and Walt Disney understood,” del Toro said. “We tend to call something Disney-fied, but a lot of people forget how powerfully disturbing the best animated Disney movies are, including those kids being turned into donkeys in Pinocchio. What we’re trying to do is present a Pinocchio that is more faithful to the take that Collodi wrote. That is more surreal and slightly darker than what we’ve seen before.”

Del Toro won’t be directing, sadly, but he’s producing and handing the directing reigns over to Gris Grimly and Mark Gustafson. Grimly recently illustrated a version of Collodi’s original Pinocchio and that book became the basis for this project. Gustafson was the director for Wes Anderson’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox. They’ve already tapped Australian rocker, Nic Cave for music consultation and MacKinnon and Saunders will be handling the stop-motion. They are probably best known for working on Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. With this caliber of talent involved we can only expect great things.

I adore stop-motion and wish more studios would produce this kind of animation. I understand it’s time consuming and often very costly but seriously Hollywood, when you’re pushing out a half dozen, awful, 3D, computer generated shit films every month you’d think you could spare a dime on a more creative and innovative form of animation. I’m not a hater on CG animation, I’m not one who thinks the computer has killed the animator but have you seen some of the schlock coming out, Gnomeo and Juliet? Wtf!? But that’s just like, my opinion, man.

It sounds like Guillermo Del Toro really has his hands full right now. Besides working on Pinocchio he’s got the film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountain of Madness and that little monster which sprouted into two films, The Hobbit. How can he possible handle yet another film? Well, Guillermo Del Toro’s a wizard. Wait, no. Here’s what Del Toro says about how he’s managing his new project,

“We’ve designed key frames and characters, we know the mood and the feel, we’ve created a bible,” del Toro said. “ Shooting stop motion animation takes a lot time, but we’ve got the right team and I will be there for daily or weekly updates on how it’s going.”

Or maybe he is a wizard, I don’t know. But I do know this Pinocchio film looks fantastic. After the jump check out two more concept images and tell us what you think.

source: Deadline