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At the end of last year came news that sibling producers Megan and David Ellison had snatched up the rights to the Terminator franchise. Last week came word that a pair of unlikely screenwriters –  scribe Laeta  Kalogridis and Drive Angry director Patrick Lussier – were hired to pen the script. But of course this a Terminator film, and the question lingers: will the original Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, “be back,” as they say, in Terminator 5?

It was a question put to Schwarzenegger while doing press for his latest film, The Last Stand. Bleeding Cool were the ones who asked it, and while they didn’t have a quote to back up the assertion, Schwarzenegger is reported to have replied in the affirmative. It’s not so much of a surprise really, Ah-nuld was previously attached to a version of T-5 in 2011 when Fast & Furious auteur Justin Lin was going to direct, but since then the actor’s heard as much as the rest of us about the project.

So do you think it’s true? Well, if it wasn’t before it’s pretty likely to now. The Last Stand tanked over the weekend, finishing at the bottom of the Top 10 at the box office. The last time Schwarzenegger took a box office hit that bad, he went screaming back to the Terminator franchise and made Rise of the Machines, right before he launched his political career as Governor of California. When Arnold gets in trouble, he heads back to Terminator country. Expect something official soon.

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You do not screw with the Governator on his day off. The new red band trailer for Kim Jee-woon’s badass action flick, The Last Stand, is out with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Johnny Knoxville teaming up to stop a madman who is speeding toward the US/Mexican border on the run from the law.

Written by Andrew Knauer and Jeffrey Nachmanoff, this new trailer features a ton of fresh car chases, Arnold scowls, and the beginning of a tense fight seen on a bridge. Who will triumph? Probably Arnold, but I for one can’t wait to see how he, Knoxville, Siff (Thor‘s Jamie Alexander), and Greendale Community College alumnus Luis Guzman take out the trash.

Check out the official synopsis for The Last Stand and the red band trailer (assuming you’re of age, junior) after the jump.


While making the publicity press rounds for his latest movie The Last Stand, Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed the soon to start production movie The Legend Of Conan. Fans will be glad to hear that the movie will ignore Conan the Destroyer and the 2011 Jason Moma Conan, instead placing itself as a direct sequel to the original 1982 Conan The Barbarian. The story was conceived and most likely will be written by Chris Morgan (Fast Five) as long as any other previous commitments (Fast and Furious 7) don’t get in the way.

“Let me just say that a lot of it has to do with timing. That’s what show business and politics have in common. It’s a lot of it is timing, and I think that I would’ve chosen to do Conan already if it would’ve been ready, but the Universal studio just bought the rights to Conan, they have an executive over there that happens to be a big believer in bringing back that character, and Universal was the first one to do the movie with Dino DeLaurentiis, and now they want to be back and do a bunch of Conan movies, but do it high-quality, not as a B-movie, to do it high-quality like the first one was John Milius directed and Dino DeLaurentiis produced and Universal has presented. So they want to go back to that. So that will be ready by sometime this year.”

The Legend Of Conan is shooting for a late 2014 release date. We’ll keep our eyes out for any new developments and bring them to you here.

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Everywhere you look these days there’s another 80’s action star making a movie, but do they still have the chops to pull it off? Two of the giants of the 80’s action movie, Stallone and Schwarzenegger, are both scheduled to be involved in numerous movie productions in the next couple of years.

Hopefully they can handle the rough and tumble action without breaking a hip, they are getting up there in age after all. Buckle up for some  old fashioned action and old guy jokes. First one to say, “I’m getting to old for this shit,” Wins.

First up is Stallone starring in Walter Hill’s Bullet to the Head with Jason Momoa, Christian Slater, and Sung Kang (Ninja Assassin). The movie description is short and sweet:

After watching their respective partners die, a cop and a hitman form an alliance in order to bring down their common enemy.

Bullet to the Head hits theaters February 1, 2013.

Next up is Arnold Schwarzenegger getting back to his action roots starring in The Last Stand, directed by Kim Jee-woon (I Saw the Devil, The Good, the Bad, the Weird).

After leaving his LAPD narcotics post following a bungled operation that left him wracked with remorse and regret, Sheriff Ray Owens (Schwarzenegger) moved out of Los Angeles and settled into a life fighting what little crime takes place in sleepy border town Sommerton Junction. But that peaceful existence is shattered when Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega), the most notorious, wanted drug kingpin in the western hemisphere, makes a deadly yet spectacular escape from an FBI prisoner convoy. With the help of a fierce band of lawless mercenaries led by the icy Burrell (Peter Stormare), Cortez begins racing towards the US-Mexico border at 250 mph in a specially-outfitted Corvette ZR1 with a hostage in tow.

The Last Stand opens on January 18.

This reminds me a lot of Stan Ridgeway’s song Roadblock. If you’ve never heard it or listened to Stan’s music, take minute and give it a chance. The guy is a fantastic musician and story teller.