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There a quite a few Zelda fan-films out there, but not many are as good as this. Called Skull Kid: A Zelda Legend based on the N64 the classic game  Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask the story follows a harmless but troublesome imp who has been cast out of the city of Clocktown. Deep within the lost woods he must face the harsh realities of his banishment. There, amongst the trees, an ancient evil has also begun to stir, seeking out a creature suitable to become its puppet.

It’s absolutely amazing. Very good blend of lore, live action, and sounds from the game will have you feeling nostalgic.


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It’s pretty obviouse Darth Vader is Star Wars‘ counterpart to the Grinch. And once you edit it together all nicely like OneMinuteGalatica has, well, then there’s no denying it. In fact, I hear the real reason he didn’t survive is because his heart grew three sizes that day, and therefor could no longer be contained inside his suit. (The Mary Sue)


Add Prancing Violin Playing Zelda Cutie to the list of things that make this Nerd Bastard smile that crocked little smile. YouTube user DevinSuperTramp posted this whimsical medley of Zelda music and dancing Zelda the violin playing damsel.

Film/Cinematography by Devin Graham
My friend Lindsey arranged this medley based off the Nintendo game Zelda!
Our friend Dan Reyes- Cario then recorded it for us.
And then Stephen Anderson did the sweet epic background orchestration.
Stephen composes most of the music for my videos! You can check out his rad website in the link below!

Kudos to the whole team that put this together, they captured the soul of the Zelda games whimsical nature and light hearted-ness through times of trouble.


E3 officially starts today and Nintendo is having their press conference first thing this morning over at the expo. Will Nintendo pull what they did last year and ride on nostalgia once again, or will they be bringing down the house by announcing a new console? Will Nintendo keep please the casual fans or will they win the old-school fans back today? Find out by clicking on the jump button. *Videos will be added once available. (more…)


I love The Legend of Zelda games. The characters, plot, weapons and enemies are always a sight to see.

And honestly, even at their worst, their mediocre games still fly heads above most others.

The MASSIVE piece of art below was created by Japanese artist and hardcore Zelda fan that goes by the name Ag+, who did it to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Zelda franchise.

Below the jump, you will find the most amazing Zelda art you have ever seen, bar none! And below that, there is a YouTube video showing the artist at work on this labor of love.

Click on the image below to see it in its full-frame glory.


The Legend Of Zelda: Real Life


“Hey, listen! Hey, Listen!” or should I say “Hey, Watch this!” While there are a quite amount of “real life” Legend of Zelda videos, this video gets it right with the whole Navi thing (trust me, I get that voice stuck in my head as well) and vase breaking.

The duo of PistolShrimp bought Link to life and if you want a chuckle to start off your day, then check the video out and imagine how life would be like if you had the treasure chest finding sound in your everyday life. You know it would be awesome.

Source: Technabob, PistolShrimp YouTube page

The Hero Of Time: Zelda Fan Film Is Online


Some of you may remember the cruel April fools joke played on us Zelda fans with with Legend of Zelda  movie trailer. For about an hour on that April morning I was filled with hope that someone finally took on the impossible task of adapting one of the most beloved games into a live action movie. When it finally hit me what day it was and the realization that it was all just a joke a single tear rolled down my cheek. It’s a very sad thing when third rate games get green lit and made into movies by Uwe Boll all the while Zelda is left in the shadows never to be touched by quality filmmakers. Soon after the awful joke was behind us it was announced that a fan film called the Hero Of Time was in some form of production. For me, I didn’t bother to follow such a thing as I didn’t expect much more than an awful twenty to thirty minute mess.  Well, now that the film is online and I have watched it.  All I can say is, it’s a hour and a half Zelda movie. That’s about it.  Give it a watch The film is after the break.