The LEGO Batman Movie

Less a sequel than a spin-off, The LEGO Batman Movie takes a key, scene-stealing mini-fig from the earlier film, Batman/Bruce Wayne (voiced by Will Arnett), and gives him his own absurdist corner of the teeming LEGO universe. Like its predecessor, The LEGO Batman Movie overflows with meta-humor, self-parody, and subversive satire, not to mention enough imagination to fill three or four LEGO big-screen adventures and, of course, enough commercial branding/advertising to convince toy-averse moviegoers to purchase the entirety of the LEGO catalog. The LEGO Batman Movie may actually suffer from too much imagination crammed into an incident- and twist-heavy plot. It comes at you so fast (like life) that you’ll end exhausted trying to follow the sheer comic brilliance of it all. And unless there’s any doubt, The LEGO Batman Movie is brilliant, from the first moments of Arnett’s egocentric, egotistical Batman taking a sly dig at a recent trend in serious dramas (i.e., they always begin with an ominous black screen) through the final scene of a family laughing hysterically to Jerry Maguires iconic “You had me at hello” scene. (more…)