The Little Mermaid

The new Mulan trailer has dropped and I, for one, am hype. A culturally adept film with an all Asian cast about a Chinese badass warrior woman? Sign me the heck up.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way. 

In the comments of the new trailer, on YouTube and Facebook, most people voiced lukewarm feelings or outright distaste for the film’s changes. After all, unlike most of the Disney remakes, the movie plans to change quite a bit. Mulan will be more culturally accurate, will not be a musical, and will not have the talking animal characters it once had. People seem to be really up in arms about no “Girl Worth Fighting For” or Mushu. 

Recently, there has also been a big internet hullabaloo about Disney executives picking a black actor to play Ariel. There is a fair amount of speculation if a lot of that uproar was manufactured for free press. Either way, there is a big controversy around the upcoming The Little Mermaid film now instead of excited buzz. 


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Disney just keeps on tapping from the same well with their live-action adaptations of classic animated films. An Alice in Wonderland sequel is on the way (watch the trailer HERE), along with new versions of The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, Mulan, Winnie the Pooh, and Pinocchio. Oh, no, they’re not stopping there. Development of a live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid is now underway too.

Plans for everyone’s favorite red-headed fish lady to get the live action treatment actually started about 2 years ago. Sofia Coppola was attached to direct the film, for reasons unknown she left, and the project was assumed dead in the water. But now, a very kick ass actress has just been cast as Ariel, aka The Little Mermaid, and things are all a flutter again. (more…)


There was once an idea about fairy tale characters making a life for themselves in the real world, struggling to get by in a strange and terrifying world that’s far, far different then the one they came from, and that idea was Fables. Kidding aside, it is also the idea behind Once Upon a Time, the weekly adventures of a bunch of fairy tale characters trying to make a life for themselves in a small Maine town called Storybrooke. Granted, the show is a great deal more Disney-oriented than Fables (see the current Frozen story arc), which is understandable given that Disney itself produces the show, so naturally one should expect more Disney characters with every new storyline. To wit, prepare to welcome a certain duplicitous half sea witch, half octopus to town. (more…)

*Denotes sarcasm.

Because you demanded it (probably not), 20th Century Fox is moving up the release of the 3-D version of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith by a week. The re-release will now hit your 3-D enhanced screens on October 4, 2013, just two weeks after the release of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. This, of course, follows on the successful 3-D release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace this past February 10, which made $102.7 million at the worldwide box office.

What does the competition look like now for the films? AOTC will open against Ron Howard’s latest film Rush starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl, and Disney’s 3-D re-release of The Little Mermaid. ROTS, meanwhile, will face heavy competition against the Vince Vaughn comedy The Delivery Man, the thriller Paranoia, and the comic book sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

It will be interesting to see who will win the battle for nerd money between Sin City and Sith, and it will be interesting to see who gets more 3-D screens, Clones or Mermaid, but clearly Fox is trying to get the contentious prequels out of the way so that they can get to the undoubtedly more profitable 3-D re-release of the original trilogy.

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Valentine’s may be over and the rejection may have worn off for some, but John Carter is not getting a break. Disney execs are scurrying around in panic this afternoon after the results of  John Carter’s tracking numbers were leaked to the press. Deadline reported the results as follows:

 “2 unaided, 53 aware, 27 definitely interested, 3 first choice….Women of all ages have flat out rejected the film.”

Now the most interesting part of the quote, seems to be the last. John Carter was not the official title of the film. This film initially went by the original title “Princess of Mars” due to the  film being based on the first book of  Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsom series. When books are being made into film it is custom to keep the title so as to attract the fan base that the book has and add to the fan base.  Disney did not seem to go in that direction, which is odd seeing as they’ve made book based films such as: The Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Little Mermaid, and so on.

When asked on the reason for the changed title Writer/Director Andrew Stanton said in an interview:

 “Here’s the real truth of it, I’d already changed it from A Princess Of Mars to John Carter Of Mars. I don’t like to get fixated on it, but I changed Princess Of Mars…because not a single boy would go,” he said. “And then the other truth is, no girl would go to see John Carter Of Mars. So I said, ‘I don’t won’t to do anything out of fear, I hate doing things out of fear, but I can’t ignore that truth.”

Stanton and the Disney  may be gritting their teeth because this minor mistake in titling could cost them more money than they expected. Due to the tracking study, the film is estimated to gain only $100 million even though the film cost about $250 million to produce. With a loss this great and the film’s release coming up; there really isn’t much to do, but wait and see what the final results are.

John Carter, while being initially appealing last year seems to be losing steam and  after taking from it the one thing that made it unique due to gender preference and, from what the company has divulged, is the sloppy seconds of someone else’s project. A representative from Disney was quoted as saying:

“We’re not running away from the movie. Our job is to sell it.”

They will have to come up with a new strategy to sell this film, and that will be a hard thing to do in three weeks. But hey, this is the company of dreamers and the imaginative types so this could work out. John Carter, starring Taylor KitschBryan CranstonLynn Collins, and Mark Strong, hits theaters March 9.


Internet has been kind for folks that has artistic skills and ideas for being the place to have them show their creation off while all I have to show was my old manga scanlations done on MS Paint. Juan Pablo Bravo, who did this awesome Pixar Character Size Chart, stepped his game up and jumped from two hundred characters to two hundred and fifty. He has them listed in order from the film’s release date and although it’s an estimation of their height, I say its pretty exact. Check the massive the picture out as it  may listed an old movie you may have forgotten. Also, stop by  Bravo’s page to look up some other things he has done.

Click here to view the pic.

Source: /Film, Juan Pablo Bravo