The Lovely Bones


Hey it’s a Tuesday and it’s 4/20, maybe there is a movie coming out today that’ll be totally far out and help some of ya’ll “enhanced” day. To be honest, not much out this week and like always, we here at NerdBastards will list out what came out and say whether if it’s a BUY, RENT, or PASS. We’ll have the the “Old Stuff is New” section and no Anime DVD Pick of the Week (Sorry, I’m not going to recommend Naruto: Shippuden). Also, there is this one film that comes out Thursday because it’s some special thing that like many people loved but it’ll be missing something when it comes out, which you can find out what I’m talking about after the jump. (more…)

Like the Patriots 18-1 !!!! Avatar 5th Week, Lets go for 6th!! With 2 heavy hitting rivals like Book of Eli with a 32.7 and The Lovely Bones with a 17 million haul, respective earnings for both. The Avatar Crazy Train is going off the rails. While we watch eagerly towards the future, we see a few more rivals for the big blue monster machine to crush under its Na’vi foot.

January 22nd we have Legion,the Constantine-esque film of Angels attacking a truck stop to bring on the apocolypse…Great looking action and storyline…But 3rd? NOPE!!!!We also have the Tooth Fairy with the Rock a disney film…Hmm…A kiddie movie taking the slot? Possibly.

Jan 29th We have the new comedy When in Rome with Kristen Bell and The Edge of Darkness, a Mel Gibson film. And its been awhile the audiences have seen Mr. Mel “Sugar Tits” Gibson.

So lets keep this party going!!!

The Battle this weekend is between jolly blue giants, the ghost of a little girl, and a book called Eli.

Which I’m probably sure most of you know by know is that Avatar wrecked the box office last weekend for another domestic 48 mill, and took it’s spot in its head spinning 4th week. But this week is a different story altogether…I had to beat them to death with their own shoes….(Sorry,movie quote). We have Denzel’s post apocalyptic mashup of I am Legend and The Road “The Book of Eli” and Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones”, the highly anticipated movie adaption of the novel.

So my quicky Tank or Bank has turned into an impromptu Bank or Bank….Or Bank. The book of Eli does look insanely cool, and Denzel does have the name for his draw, but Avatar has shown to be extremely sturdy. Eli would have taken the number one had Avatar failed or not been released at this time. The Lovely Bones will not have taken the number one spot by my guesstimation, however with Jackson’s rabid fan base, and equally intriguing thriller/mystery added to breathtaking visuals, it may have some legs to keep it a sleeper..

I believe Avatar may still hold #1, with The Book of Eli rummaging in at 2…I also think with Sherlocke’s longevity, it may remain in the top 5…

So, give me your best shot. Whadaya think the rankings will be??? Throw out your best guess work.

The official trailer for the astoundingly gorgeous and shiningly brilliant film “The Lovely Bones” is now available for viewing. With a star studded cast and Peter Jackson on the bridge, this film is sure to have some Oscar buzz flying around it with the way the trailer looks…The trailer can’t be embedded, so check it out here. The story is about a young girl’s murder and her witnessing all the events circling around the mystery of her death in the afterlife.

Based on the novel by Alice Sebold, the critically acclaimed book looks at grief, love and loss like turning a diamond over and over in your hands, learneing every facet. The trailer will break your heart and get you pumped all in one.