The Magicians

the magicians trailer

It’s easy to be terrified when one of your favorite books gets optioned for a television show or a film. There’s that fear that people just won’t “get it.” They’ll turn the story you love into something completely different, and lose the feel and the integrity of the story.

With a series likeĀ The Magicians by Lev Grossman, there’s a real fear that SyFy, who is producing a TV adaptation of the books that’s set to premiere in January 2016, would turn the show into something cute. Although Grossman pays homage to Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia, The Magicians series is very much adult – very adult and very dark.

Thankfully, SyFy isn’t downplaying any of that. (more…)


SyFy continues its run at bringing more sci-fi and fantasy to their programming with the green-lighting for a pilot episode of author Lev Grossman‘s fantasy series The Magicians. What I can’t understand is how this didn’t end up on the CW. Not that I’m complaining, anything that keeps SyFy moving back to its roots of sci-fi and fantasy television is a good thing. Haven’t read The Magicians series yet? Click through to find out what’s what. (more…)


SyFy made a lot of questionable decisions of the years – I mean look at its name, am I right? – but one of the most vexing thing for fans has been the cable channel’s emphasis on cheap reality shows about annoying so-called nerds and ghost busters from every corner of the the country, while cancelling decent, genuine sci-fi and fantasy series. Might that be changing? Might SyFy be making some bold moves in original programming with a couple of new series from veteran producers of well-loved and established genre producers. (more…)