The Matrix

A few days ago, it was announced that Warner Bros would be returning to one of their most lucrative and successful franchises, The Matrix. The trilogy that centered on a war between machines and humans in a virtual (and real) world was everything we ever wanted in a franchise. Though provoking storylines, kung-fu action, high-quality special effects, even a believable romance were all a part of the trilogy. This past week Warner Bros was considering a reboot of the franchise with actor Michael B. Jordan in consideration for the lead role. Some people were not too excited about the idea of a reboot for the franchise. Looks like some of their fears can be put to rest.


Some films should not allowed to be touched by the Hollywood reboot monster. The Matrix is one of these films. It’s a classic, loved by millions (well, the first film anyway). It’s a hugely influential film that changed the sci-fi genre forever. And now there are talks by Warner Brothers about remaking it? How could it possibly be better than the original? It’s like remaking Casablanca. Not that it can’t be done, it shouldn’t be done. But it is being done, or at least talked about. So what do we know?  (more…)

In 2014, Keanu Reeves’ career got a much-needed adrenaline boost with the premiere of John Wick. The tale of a secret underworld of assassins, and one in particular, who unleashes hell on everyone after the death of his dog (and the theft of his car). Given the surprise success of the first John Wick film, it’s a no-brainer that they greenlit a sequel. This past weekend, John Wick: Chapter 2 hit theaters and once again, Director Chad Stahelski and Reeves caught lightning in a bottle again. The sequel gave us a perfection of well-choreographed mayhem. We here at Nerdbastards loved the sequel. It’s no surprise that there will be another John Wick movie in the pipeline.



Whether you like his politics or not, President Barack Obama is a unique president. OK, let’s get the obvious one out the way, he’s black. However, another unique feature that he has that not many presidents have had, is that he’s the first “millennial” president. He uses social media, he listens to current pop music, and he’s a loud and proud nerd.


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In “alternate reality” science fiction, one of the few tropes more engaging than alt-history – which shows us how things might have been changed if a historical lynch-pin event had a different outcome than that which we already know – is perhaps best described as alt-future: showing how our society would handle something that could conceivably happen based on our current world, even if the likelihood of that happening is extremely slim.  That’s the premise we are given in We Stand on Guard, a planned 5-issue mini-series. The United States and Canada share the longest international land border in the world… what if our two countries went to war against each other?


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I saw The Fifth Element during it’s opening week in the theater, and unlike the relatively small crowd who were also there in the cinema to watch, I got it! I read critical reaction and saw the box office returns. Words like “train wreck,” “flawed,” “overblown” and “misfire” were thrown around, but none of that sounded like the film I had watched and enjoyed from beginning to end. Was I crazy? It turns out I wasn’t so much because almost 20 years The Fifth Element – like The Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Blade Runner – it’s got more fans than detractors now. Time, as John Lennon once said wounds all heels. Does the same fate await Jupiter Ascending? I don’t want to speak too soon, but I would argue that it’s not as bad as everyone is letting on. (more…)

Matrix Reloaded_Trinty

Is it alright to say, based on the cast alone, that I’m looking forward to seeing AKA: Jessica Jones more than the forthcoming Daredevil? The Man Without Fear is set to make his bow on April 10, the first of five Marvel Studios series to be released on Netflix, but the cast that’s being put together for Jones is already pretty awesome featuring a former Veronica Mars suspect, a short-lived Charlie’s Angel and the Tenth Doctor Who. Now a former freedom fighter from The Matrix is joining the fray, Carrie-Ann Moss, who played Trinity in the sci-fi/action trilogy, has signed up to be a friend, or enemy, or frenemy, to the super-heroine turned detective played by Krysten Ritter. (more…)


After the staggering scope of Cloud Atlas, you’d think that the Wachowskis would be scaling back their massive sci-fi ambitions a bit (especially since that movie didn’t exactly set the box office on fire). Yet Jupiter Ascending, their latest bit of insane-looking spectacle, seems to be just as heady and weird, fitting easily into the singular body of work they’ve created for themselves since The Matrix in 1999. Today, a third trailer for the film gives us a glimpse of the action contained within their latest opus and it looks as if the Wachowskis aren’t putting away their “pew pew” guns away any time soon.


jupiter ascending movie trailer 570x294 Jupiter Ascending Trailer: Mila Kunis is the Chosen One in New Wachowski Sci Fi Film

Some would say Andy and Lana Wachowski haven’t made anything as good as the first Matrix. Eh, I’ll leave it to you readers to argue the merits of their works. Say what you will about their success, you gotta admit they’re not scared to aim high. Strange ideas and ambitious artistry, the Wachowski are, if anything, two of the most creative minds in Hollywood. They don’t do anything that’s remotely simple. It’s for this reason that I’m perpetually excited for new projects from said filmmakers, even when the trailers may be as awkward as this Jupiter Rising one.