The Mechanic

While it is still not completely official, we have received a confirmation of sorts that we will see The Expendables 3. The annual American Film Market, basically a huge marketing networking orgy, is currently underway and Nu Media/Millennium Films circulated a flyer that says the studios are selling the international distribution rights (most likely to raise capital to fund production.) Weird thing is, the flyer also mentions another action flick.

Yup, a sequel to the 2011 Jason Statham opus The Mechanic. At long last all those unanswered questions we have will be answered. If you don’t remember the movie, you’re not alone as it was rather forgettable and was mostly forgotten at the box office. A loose remake of an old Charles Bronson movie from the 70’s that was really just an excuse to make another Statham movie that is completely indistinguishable from every other Statham movie. He drives a car, shoots a gun, gets into a fist fight and talks like he just had dental work done. Oh, and there was probably a blonde girl in it too.

So far no other information about either movie has been released, but we’ll keep you updated.

Source: Collider



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