The Mortal Instruments



With ‘True Blood’ having met its maker, somebody thinks we need hot vampires on TV again, and ‘The Strain’ just won’t do that. And when I say hot, I just mean normal-looking, unlike those freaks in Guillermo del Toro’s madhouse opus. Throw in a few werewolves (hopefully they won’t be represented as just big dogs) and screw it, might as well just adapt ‘Underworld’ to the small screen. But then, someone somewhere else is thinking, “Know what television needs? More zombies.” Cast a female ass-kicker because they’re the hot topic these days, and BAM! Might as well just adapt ‘Resident Evil’ to the small screen too! However these projects came about, I’d love to have eavesdropped during the meetings that assumed series stars Kate Beckinsale and Milla Jovovich would be on board. Aren’t they? (more…)


If you have an idea for a series of books with a supernatural or science fiction theme that might appeal to readers that fall under the category of “young adult”  now’s the time to get published. Laying aside Ruth Graham’s recent Slate piece that says that adult adults should be ashamed to be caught reading YA fiction such as The Hunger Games, Twilight and The Fault in Our Stars, the box office for the film adaptation of Fault proves again that there’s big money, and big crossover appeal, in the young adult side of the book store. So Warner Bros went shopping recently, and they seem to have picked up a new franchise, The Monstrumologist. (more…)