the muppet show


The Muppets is back again this week on another work-related adventure. Over the last four weeks the storyline has bounced around between the central Kermit-Piggy relationship, Fozzie Bear and some of the auxiliary characters; all the while splattering  a fistful of celebrity cameos just to take up space. In “Pig Out” we see the storyline focus in on The Muppets at work and at play.


Those Crazy Muppets are Coming Back to TV!

Muppet Show

With the new Muppet films being well-received by both newer and younger audiences, it was only a matter of time before someone decided that perhaps they needed to make a return to the small screen. And now it appears as if that’s exactly what will be happening in the near future. It’s been rumored before, but now the officialness is here – The Muppet Show is returning to television via ABC. (more…)