the muppets on abc



Well, it turns I was  not the only one who felt that the crazy overly realistic “Office/30Rock” rip-off that was the Muppets really wasn’t a good cup of tea. ABC has decided to cancel The Muppets. From the beginning, this rocky season struggled to get viewers and Muppets fans to connect with the characters.   While the premise of a Muppets workplace comedy was intriguing, it just never successfully merged that idea with the overall Muppets energy and sensibility that we’ve come to know and love. (more…)


The Muppets is back again this week on another work-related adventure. Over the last four weeks the storyline has bounced around between the central Kermit-Piggy relationship, Fozzie Bear and some of the auxiliary characters; all the while splattering  a fistful of celebrity cameos just to take up space. In “Pig Out” we see the storyline focus in on The Muppets at work and at play.