The Never Ending Story

Whether  tall, wide, thin, short, shy or not the different fiction creatures in films have endeared us to them through their interaction with the lead character and their persona through the films. While some may be creatures who can speak the human tongue, others cannot. Yet, we understand what they say and how they feel, so with this in mind how do we react towards their deaths. In this top ten list we boil down sad deaths, and sift them down to the ten saddest. We start our list off with one of the tinniest creatures in the world that is said, to scare elephants. (at least in cartoons)


The 10 Cutest Creatures of Sci-Fi


Editors Note: We were supposed to have a new ‘List’ for you today but after an all nighter full or drinking and watching a marathon of “Golden Girls”¬†(Betty White is so hot!) we plum forgot. While we sober up, please enjoy a list from our vault. It’s one of our favorites.

The majority of Sci-Fi/Fantasy films feature, for the most part the ugliest of uglies in the creature department. What with the Aliens, the Predators and the Linda Hamilton’s (ugly as fuck in both T1, T2 and that Beauty and the Beast T.V. show). However on rare occasion one will encounter, in often glorious fashion a cute, cuddly and friendly creature that makes you go “Awww I want one” or on some cases want to share a brewski with.

You know Em’, you love Em’ here are the top 10 cutest creatures of Sci-Fi.