the next generation


You certainly can’t blame CBS for being a little skittish in going back to the Star Trek TV-series well.  The company owns the rights to any potential Trek television franchise, and the rating numbers speak for themselves: a steady decline in viewership – and by extension, perceived interest – since the hey-days of Star Trek: The Next Generation coupled with the popularity of the “rebooted” film series probably leaves the powers-that-be wondering if fans would show enough interest in an ongoing televised series to make it worth the company’s financial investment.

That certainly doesn’t stop the ideas from flowing and the pitches from being made, of course.  One of the most vocal and tenacious propositions, in fact, has been coming from one of Trek’s very own stars: Worf himself, actor Michael Dorn.  For at least three years now, Dorn has been championing the idea of his character, a full-fledged starship Captain that somehow just keeps finding himself at the Tactical station on the bridge of the Enterprise, back to commanding his own vessel in a series he has dubbed Captain Worf (more…)

Finally, finally, finally. Months ago it was announced the entire Star Trek library would come to Netflix Instant and now they’ve delivered. Well, it’s almost the entire Star Trek library. Available to stream is the Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise . Deep Space Nine will become available in October.

If you want to feel particularly patriotic this weekendcheck out the episode, ‘The Omega Glory‘ from classic Trek. The Enterprise crew end up between warring human tribes, the Yangs and the Kohms. Of course, Yang and Kohm are derived from yank and comrade or commie with the whole thing being a Cold War allegory. All of this becomes apparent when they pull out old glory and Kirk reads the preamble to the constitution, as only Kirk can.

But wait! There’s more! In addition to sitting on your ass and marathoning Star Trek you can also now stream the entire X-Men: The Animates Series from the nineties. Fuck yeah, America! What a great way to spend our 235th birthday!

source: TheMarySue