The Night Lands

Last week Game of Thrones┬ámanaged to both seduce us back into its bloody little world and give us a few brand new shocks to contemplate, but as brilliant as the season premiere was, there were times when it felt like it was barely moving at all. We flitted between characters faster than ever before in a panoramic overview that often proved frustrating because it was so gripping and so brief at the same time. This week the show has to move forward. This week the wheels have to turn a bit faster. With “The Night Lands,” Game of Thrones┬áceases with the introductions (mostly) and goes right for the throat.


Did you catch this weekend’s premiere of Game of Thrones season two? It was awesome, wasn’t it? This week will be agony waiting for next Sunday night to come. But, in the meantime, we got cool shit to share so maybe this will make the wait a little easier.

First, let’s get right to the real good stuff and check out a few teasers for what’s coming up this season on Game of Thrones, including clips from next week’s episode, “The Night Lands.”

All right, yeah. Watching these teasers have only made the upcoming week and the waiting seem worse. Sorry ’bout that. But, uh, we can suffer together and just keep watching the clips on repeat. We can make it through this, okay?