The Pete Holmes Show


The lads of late night are at it again. As Superhero-Mania has captured Hollywood, the late night talk show hosts have stepped up to the plate to make merry of the trend. Conan and The Pete Holmes Show are two of the best at it. This time around Conan screens a secret Bat-Fleck scene and Holmes fires another Ex-Man Warren Worthington aka the Angel. Hilarity ensues. (more…)


We’ve featured Pete Holmes‘ hilarious¬†Badman videos from College Humor before and more recently his take on the termination of Wolverine (‘s employment ) from the X-Men. Now that he has graduated from internet comedy to basic cable comedy (watch the Pete Holmes Show, weeknights after Conan on TBS, very funny…. I get paid for unsolicited plugs, right?) Well, it looks like we can look forward to more of his nerd slanted comic book based parody sketches.

He just released a new one to promo the shows October 28th premiere and it might be the best one yet. Not only is funny, but it points out some huge issues that a big screen meeting between the Dark Knight and The Man of Steel will have to address. Yes, Batman’s only powers are ‘rich and nuts’ and Superman is a pretty huge nerd…. Check it out after the jump, it is a little NSFW so heads up. (more…)