The Polar Express


Those eyes are freaking me out man!

You know, anything now a days can be considered torture if done right. Hell, even a fat boy like me would consider it torture if I was forced to eat 5 bowls of ice cream a day everyday. It seems one Florida inmate has filed a lawsuit claiming that he is being tortured by the jail because he is being “forced” to watch the same movie over and over again.

James Poulin, who’s in jail for killing someone while driving intoxicated, is not happy with the movie choices since the jail facility was forced to drop cable due to the digital transition and thought the taxpayers doesn’t need to pay for the facilities cable bill. The movie choices you ask? The facility seems to only show Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and The Polar Express on repeat. It seems that Poulin doesn’t mind the war flicks but does have a problem with Robert Zemeckis’ film and is suing to get more choices of flicks.

While I can understand that maybe being forcde to watch those dead-eyed kids over and over again can be painfu,l but dude, you’re in jail and the moment you decided to drive drunk and kill someone, let’s just say that I don’t think you have the option to choose whatever movie you want to watch. Hell, I say Poulin is lucky to be able to watch anything seeing how the facility doesn’t really need to show them movies.

What do y’all think? You think he is being “tortured” by watching the same film over and over again or do you think he is getting what he deserves? Also, what movie would you considered to be painful to watch over and over again? Tell us by leaving a comment after the break.

Source: /Film


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