The Power of Three

There’s no getting around the fact that this bunch of Doctor Who episodes is all one big buildup to the exit of Amy and Rory. We know we’re spiraling toward tragedy, and something in the behavior of these characters says that somehow they know it too. That makes it all the more refreshing that we get an episode like “The Power of Three,” a story with a focus on the Ponds’ home life, and how the Doctor, if only briefly, fits into the more boring side of their existence.


Out of all the episodes in this “Fall of The Ponds” arc in Doctor Who I’m hoping “The Power of Three” proves to be the most interesting. I mean, it surely looks intriguing, doesn’t it? What with its weird little boxes, the return of Rory’s dad (Mark Williams) and U.N.I.T., plus the rather on the nose allusion of the “Three” referring to The Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan), and Rory (Arthur Darvill). At least that’s my theory. I’m just unsure how we’ll see that power manifested and what its consequences will be.

Here’s Karen and Arthur introducing “The Power of Three,”

Really feels like the web series Pond Life was a short primer for this episode, doesn’t it? Here’s a slew of new photos released as well,


The Doctor and the Ponds puzzle an unlikely invasion of Earth, as millions of sinister black cubes arrive overnight, almost like presents falling from the sky.

But what are they, what’s inside them and most importantly, who sent them? With the international community at a loss, it’s left to the Doctor to unearth who is behind the mystery.

Guest starring Mark Williams, Steven Berkoff and Jemma Redgrave, written by Chris Chibnall, executive produced by Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner, directed by Douglas Mackinnon, and produced by Marcus Wilson.

“The Power of Three” airs this Saturday on BBC America at 9pm ET.

I leave you with this video of adorable, four-and-a-half-year-old Lindalee Rose adorably recapping the most recent episode of Doctor Who, “A Town Called Mercy.” It’s really, really cute. As in so cute I couldn’t watch the whole thing for fear my teeth would start rotting. Check it out, and also make sure you check out our Nerd Bastard’s reviews of Doctor Who, from the not nearly as adorable but no less gleefully excited by Doctor Who, Matthew Jackson.

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We are really, really, REALLY close to the Series 7 premiere of Doctor Who. The anticipation is killing me! Honestly, it’s agonizing. Then again maybe it was that suspicious smelling sandwich I ate for lunch. Anyway, we’ve already seen the darn nifty poster for “Asylum of the Daleks” that’s been floating around some time. Y’know the one, with The Doctor, Amy, and Rory’s reflection in a Dalek’s eyestalk.

Yeah, that one.

Now in addition to that poster there’s one for every episode of the first half of Series 7. Some are silly, like “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” but really what else would expect? Others are terribly ominous like the poster for “The Angels Take Manhattan.” And then there is one I just can’t figure out what it means, “The Power of Three.” What the hell could it mean!?

Check out the new posters below and feel free to weigh with crazy speculation about they could mean.

Which episode are you most excited for?

Source: Blastr