The Purge: Election Year


There’s no mistake that The Purge film series has hit a tone with the public. The film series based on the insane premise that for one day a year, all crime would be legal for 12 hours, including murder. The first film was a simple survival horror film disguised as a home invasion film. The second and the third film opened up the “Purge universe” and showed the craziness of that world where for 12 hours it’s pure anarchy. The film series has grossed more than $314 million.  Turns out, there might be even more in store for the world of The Purge.



A recent TV ad promoted The Purge: Election Year as being the one that “trumps” the two previous Purge movies. Message received. In this election year that has shattered any and all expectations in terms of what’s allowed, what’s politically correct, and the commodification of the anger of the electorate, The Purge: Election Year is the perfect anecdote. Writer/director James DeMonaco takes the series he started to its logical, and almost satirical conclusion by phrasing the latest film in a way that a lot of politicos can identify with: can the problems of America be resolved by revelling in its anger and bitterness? Not to mention it’s desire to dress up in costumes and kill people.  (more…)

Frank Grillo, who we’ll all see come May 6th as Crossbones in the Russo Brother‘s Captain America: Civil War has another franchise rolling out on July 1st when The Purge: Election Year hits the big screen. This time Grillo is back as Leo Barnes tasked with protecting a presidential candidate (Elizabeth Mitchell) during an election year Purge. Let’s take a look at the mayhem in this first trailer. (more…)