The Rains of Castamere


If we’re not discussing who’s going to be the next Doctor, we’re talking about The Red Wedding. It’s what the internet– nay, the entire nerd world has been abuzz about since Sunday night when Game of Thrones‘ most shocking episode aired. And if you haven’t yet seen said episode, I’d go click your way somewhere else. Believe me, you don’t want to be here. What follows will not only spoil what is a genuinely great surprise, it will also sink you into a depression so deep not even back to back to back editions of Sexy Cosplay of the Week could save you.

Okay, we’re all square with discussing the big turn of events from last week’s episode, “The Rains of Castemere“, yes? Good.

Let’s begin with what is easily the most adorable and hilarious reaction to The Red Wedding, and it comes from GoT‘s own Arya, Maise Williams (caution: auto play),



So…seems like we have a lot to talk about. Yes, Game of Thrones has given us big moments leading to bigger moments all season long, but if you haven’t read the books before, there’s no way you could be prepared for this. This is, arguably, the most brutal, most shocking episode in the history of the series, and it’s one of those episodes that explodes the internet. People will be talking about this for weeks, and it likely even broke a few hearts, so if you’re still not ready to talk about what just happened, I wouldn’t blame you for clicking away right about…now.