The Red Wedding


George R. R. Martin. Just look at him up there, plotting new and exciting ways to break your heart then light it on fire in front of you. Always thinking up ways to destroy your favorite characters, never letting anyone in his books catch a moment’s rest. For years fans have known to tread carefully through a GRRM novel, and after last weekend’s Game of Thrones, fans of the television series have learn that same, painful lesson. And the thing is, that’s exactly how GRRM wants you to feel.

Last night Martin appeared on Conan, and explained how those unexpected, tragic turn of events keeps readers, and now viewers, on their toes,

I want my readers, I want my viewers to be afraid when my characters are in danger. I want them to be afraid to turn the next page,” Martin says. Well, guess what? ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED, MOTHERFUCKER. We’re afraid for everyone, now! You’d think we’d have all learned our lesson when Joffrey ordered Ned’s head lobbed off, but no, we’re still caught unawares when beloved characters kick the bucket.

Also, I’ve heard the story before, but I love when he recounts talking to actors who are pleading for him not to kill off their characters, and meanwhile, they’re already dead. Wah-wah.

Martin’s stint on Conan gets even better when O’Brien shows him a reel of all those Red Wedding reaction videos that flooded the internet Monday morning,

Yes, the man does live off your tears of anguish. And in the years, episodes, and books to come you’ll only offer more up to the mighty, GRRM. Were you completely caught off guard by The Red Wedding? Either when you read or watched it. Do you feel more prepared for tragedies to come?

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I’m a bit behind on Game of Thrones, did anything big happen in the last episode? Kidding. But while fans revel in the awesomeness of the great Red Wedding scene in last week’s episode, a kettle of fish about the portrayal of violence on TV seems to have once again been opened.

Game of Thrones producer Dan Weiss weighed in on the debate via The Hollywood Reporter, and called the network TV approach to violence “sanitized,” and that it’s desensitizing the kids of the America. Here’s what Weiss had to say:

“Violence in the real world is awful to witness. But it’s the sanitized versions of violence on TV that are worse … On network TV, people die in droves in a way that’s clean and easy to watch and fun. It’s more like an old video game… 

Especially with the gore, there’s a line beyond which it starts to work against itself and… looks like The Evil Dead 2 – it becomes a splatterfest.”

He’s got a point. Half the shows on network TV start with a hooker being found in a dumpster, and it’s almost always bloodless. In fact, there was more blood on M*A*S*H then there is on the average episode of CSI. But I digress, where do you Bastards weigh in on this?

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If we’re not discussing who’s going to be the next Doctor, we’re talking about The Red Wedding. It’s what the internet– nay, the entire nerd world has been abuzz about since Sunday night when Game of Thrones‘ most shocking episode aired. And if you haven’t yet seen said episode, I’d go click your way somewhere else. Believe me, you don’t want to be here. What follows will not only spoil what is a genuinely great surprise, it will also sink you into a depression so deep not even back to back to back editions of Sexy Cosplay of the Week could save you.

Okay, we’re all square with discussing the big turn of events from last week’s episode, “The Rains of Castemere“, yes? Good.

Let’s begin with what is easily the most adorable and hilarious reaction to The Red Wedding, and it comes from GoT‘s own Arya, Maise Williams (caution: auto play),


Filming is going strong for Game of Thrones‘ Season 3. We reported previously on their excursions in Croatia which ended this weekend with the cast and crew moving on to Morocco. In fact, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) posted a message to her official Facebook page yesterday saying she was on her way, and it’s been reported Ian Glenn (Jorah Mormont) is already there. Stay tuned for what will likely be many, many set photos of the Khaleesi and the first of Queensguard over the coming weeks.

For now we’ve got the last of the set reports and photos from Croatia and Northern Ireland. Here’s a scene being filmed between Charles Dance (Tywin) and Julian Glover (Pycelle) and it’s an interesting one because nothing like it occurs in the book. At least not that we see– err, read, because neither of their characters serve as a P.O.V. in A Storm of Swords. Note, obviously that shot above is from them lounging on set, wouldn’t expect Pycelle to be showing that kind of leg on the show.

Feel free to click ’em to soak in all the details. Basically it looks like a discussion between the two, probably over some realm-ly concerns, while Tywin fishes or something. Such the outdoors-man. Honestly, I cannot wait for any scene Tywin’s involved with because Dance just nails it every time. Not that Glover isn’t rockin’ it as Pycelle, but those scenes between Tywin and Arya last season were a treat!

What we’ve got next is super spoilery. STOP NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T READ A STORM OF SWORDS. Or, if ya just don’t give a shit. Then I ask, why are you here?