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Gotham Showrunner Bruno Heller told us he’d be teasing the Joker in the first season before the show even aired and fans and the Internet have been tracking all kinds of possible Joker teases since the series first premiered. We’ve gotten confirmed looks at a bunch of Batman’s villains in their pre-Batman versions. There’s the Riddler, the Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harvey Dent before the acid attack, and last night the origin of the Scarecrow. Now it looks like Gotham is ready to unveil Batman’s arch-enemy the Joker. (more…)

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Many people had a deep feeling of trepidation when they heard DC were producing a show about the early years of Bruce Wayne’s life as a child. Furthermore, this setting was to be used as the hub for the origins of all the classic villains of Gotham City; how they came to be. Watching Gotham, some of the characters trademarks – which will eventually become their raison détre – are done  in such an in-your-face manner and with as much subtlety as a blacksmith with a ten tonne hammer (slightly exaggerating, …but you get the idea), that it becomes slightly irritating. The Riddler riddles a lot, Catwoman has the agility to swing and climb from rooftop to rooftop, the Penguin walks like he has webbed feet. We get it! (we also actually like Gotham, … and this is just for fun) (more…)


The year is 1995 and Tim Burton’s vision of Batman has twice pleased life-long fans of the Caped Crusader as well as bringing in some huge box office numbers.  The third entry in the franchise is ready to hit and fans everywhere are a bit confused with the replacement of Michael Keaton as the man behind the bat but they are still on board with Batman Forever.  After all, casting Jim Carrey as The Riddler was a master stroke and audiences are very curious as to just what sort of life Tommy Lee Jones can breathe into lawyer turned psycho madman, Two-Face and, holy sidekick, audiences are finally going to get a Batman movie with the Boy Wonder, Robin!  The movie was released and, unfortunately, it was nothing like the previous two entries, and audiences didn’t love Joel Shumacher’s vision of the Dynamic Duo as much as Burton’s stories.  One thing that many agreed on, however, was the fun relationship between Two-Face and The Riddler.  They may have seemed like the perfect alliance on screen but if Jim Carrey is to be believed, there may have been a bit of behind-the-scenes animosity on the set between Two-Face and The Riddler during the production of Batman Forever. (more…)

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Earlier this week the latest DC Universe animated feature – Batman: Assault on Arkham – released digitally and on DVD/Blu-ray. This one, however, isn’t tied to The New 52 continuity DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.’ Animation are building with films like Justice League: War and the upcoming Throne of Atlantis, but is instead linked with the Batman: Arkham video game universe. While at San Diego Comic-Con I participated in roundtable interviews with many of Assault on Arkham‘s creators and cast: director Jay Oliva, producer James Tucker, writer Heath Corson, voice director Andrea Romano, and voice talent Kevin Conroy, Matthew Gray Gubler, and John DiMaggio. Hit the jump for their input on making Batman: Assault on Arkham! (more…)

‘Gotham’ Finds Its Riddler

Cory Michael Smiht

Despite protest and anxiety from some Batman fans, the Fox series Gotham is moving forward at full speed. They’ve already got a novice Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and a whole cast of iconic – but younger – Batman characters lined up. And the cast just keeps on growing. If you’ve ever wanted to play an amateur Man-Bat or Harvey Dent, now’s the time to get your head shots in!



Well, this should go over well… Former boy bander and sexy back bringer Justin Timberlake has tossed his hat into the self-indulgent casting rumor ring. Yes, following in the footsteps of Mark  Wahlberg and Katee Sackhoff the pop star made an appearance on a radio morning show today and let the whole world know (between traffic and weather) his desire to play the Riddler:

“Now villain. I’ll tell you the villain I want to play more than anything because I grew up loving Batman, funny enough, is the Riddler. The Riddler is my favorite villain… The Riddler was like a sociopath. He was proper crazy. So if I’m gonna play crazy, I’m wanna play proper crazy… I’m ready. The Riddler. Gimme a call.”

Ok, before we all go flying off the handle lets remember this was just an off the cuff response to a conversation about the Ben Affleck/BatFleck casting thing (which, Timberlake said he approved of.) In his defense, JT isn’t a terrible actor, he’s just had some terrible movies… wait, maybe he’d be perfect to play opposite Affleck then!

Internet, begin wailing about how terrible and idea this is in 5… 4… 3…

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SDCC212 in Pictures: Thursday

So we’re 24 hours into the hottest convention of the year and there’s one thing missing between all this movie, comic and televison news: the cosplay!  These are the kind of people who spend all year making their costumes just to wear them in line over the course of the next four days.

Being the first offical day after the awesome preview night, this is the day where all the heavy hitters come to play. The sewing machines have been busy and here are the fruits of their labor with SDCC in Pictures: Thursday.

If you love the classic, expressive look of Converse‘s Chuck Taylor All Star shoes and you’re a comic book fan have I got exciting news for you! Converse and DC have been partners is superhero footwear for some time now, offering a bunch of designs based on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Catwoman, etc., but now they’re offering you the opportunity to design your own!

Using their online Converse Builder you can create your own Chucks based on either Batman, Catwoman, The Joker or The Riddler. You’re able to manipulate the color or print of the canvas, emblems, rubber soles, lining, lacing, and if you’d like, add a personalized heel stripe.

Here’s my design. I, being a huge Joker fan, just had to make this exceptional pair for the Clown Prince of Crime. What d’ya think? Do I have a future in sneaker fashion?

I think they’re pretty snazzy and I’m currently fighting the urge to press “Add to Cart.” A customized pair of Chucks will set you back $75 bucks and at the moment I just don’t have the funds. But believe me, when I get paid I think a pair of these are in my future.

My one gripe is you can’t alter the Bat logo on the top of the tongue. Sure, that looks great on your pair of Batman kicks, but on these it looks out of place. Guess if I do order a pair I can even further customize them by adding a red slash through the logo. It just needs something to Joker-ize it, y’know?

Now it’s time for you to design your own! I’d love to see what you bastards come up with. Share your sweet DC Chucks in the comments below! Also, go check out Betty Fong of Comics Alliance simply purrfect Catwoman Chucks.

The Interwebz, where nerd art runs wild. Oh sure, sometimes it’s the Flash’s other use for his super speed (hint: it’s dirty) or what on Earth Carmen Sandiego hides her under that trench coat. Hey, that’s the internet folks. Luckily there is always the counter balance of some mind blowing nerd based art. We collect it, you enjoy it, and we are all better for it.

ABOVE: Ever deal with a woman that was insanely hot, but you knew she was going to be deadly in the long run? That’s Poison Ivy in a pinch. Cute as hell, but the moment your alone with her you’ll get more then a case of the itchy britches. [Deviant Art]

Hit the jump for a hairless Chewbacca, a very bloody Hit-Girl and MOAR!


The Riddler will have a more hands on approach for his tormenting of the Dark Knight in Batman: Arkham City. For starters the Riddler will be an interactive character rather than a disembodied voice mocking your every failure. And judging from this new trailer expect his riddles to be exponentially harder. Like, ow, my brain cells can’t comprehend mathematical jargon of this magnitude.

Can you solve any of the riddles hidden within the trailer? Give it a shot, if you don’t mind reeking of failure afterwards. One riddle has already been solved by fans who would surely make the world’s greatest detective proud. For the answer hit the cut. If fans solve all the riddles by Friday, Rocksteady will release another Riddler teaser. Get crackin’ math nerds!

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