The Russo Bros


Captain America: Civil War was/is arguably one of Marvel’s best films. Achieving a rare equity in plot, action, humor and drama. It was fun. It was smart. It was coherent. And, hey, it was the first time a villain not only didn’t die… he won! The bad guy did exactly what he intended, he broke The Avengers, leaving their friendship fractured and future uncertain. Now, however, the film is not without its criticisms. It’s scad of characters, excessive globe trotting, slow start, and overly long run-time are among common quibbles. Perhaps, though, the films biggest outcry among critics, is that the films plays it safe.  (more…)


The latest television spot for the Russo Brother‘s Captain America: Civil War is online and making the commercial rounds on television and features another look at Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man. This time around we get to hear more from our favorite Web-slinger’s witty repartee as he takes on the Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan. There’s just ten days to go until the North American premiere, and things are heating up on the press rounds for the cast. (more…)

Hugo Weaving as Red Skull

Hugo Weaving isn’t a stranger when it comes to playing characters from comic book adaptations, and he certainly isn’t a stranger when it comes to the wider geek-friendly community. With iconic roles such as Agent Smith in the Wachowski’s Matrix trilogy, and V in their Alan Moore adaptation of V for Vendetta (…it received a somewhat mixed response – but there is no doubting Weaving’s talent at being able to express emotion whilst wearing a mask), he has also played Elrond in Peter Jackson‘s Lord of the Rings trilogy,  and voiced Megatron in Michael Bay‘s Transformers (which is actually not bad in comparison to the sequels) and finally, he’s played the red-faced power-hungry Nazi Red Skull in the first installment of Captain America: The First Avenger (in which he turned in a great performance). (more…)