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Ever since the smash hit that was IT floated above expectations, every company with Stephen King properties has been itching to jump on the money train. King’s work has always been often adapted, commonly tossed about Hollywood, but the current surge’s quality and impact is impressive, overall. There are at least 28 or more Stephen King tales being considered, be it trapped development hell all the way up to upcoming productions. Today, we look over what the king of horror and prolific work might have in store for us, in theaters and on the small screen.  (more…)

Stephen King

Stephen King is without a doubt one of the most important authors of the last 30 years, if only due to the virtue of having sold several million copies of his books. On the eve of the release of his latest tome, the semi-sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, King is talking about other books with a pretty wide sphere of influence, particularly Twilight and The Hunger Games.

While doing an interview the newspaper, The Guardian, King shared his opinion on the so-called Twilight Saga:

“I agree with [a character in Doctor Sleep] who calls Twilight and books like it tweenager porn,” King said. “They’re really not about vampires and werewolves. They’re about how the love of a girl can turn a bad boy good.”

To be fair, I don’t think any of the characters in Twilight are bad necessarily, except for the ones who are obviously, and unrepentantly bad of course, but Twilight has got all kinds of problems aside from who’s good and who’s bad. But let’s pause here and see what King thinks of another big book franchise, The Hunger Games:

“I read Twilight and didn’t feel any urge to go on with her. I read The Hunger Games and didn’t feel an urge to go on. It’s not unlike The Running Man, which is about a game where people are actually killed and people are watching: a satire on reality TV,” he said.

Maybe King should be flattered. On the other hand King finds nothing redeemable, even comparisons to his own work, about Fifty Shades of Grey:

“I read Fifty Shades Of Grey and felt no urge to go on. They call it mommy porn, but it’s not really mommy porn. It is highly charged, sexually driven fiction for women who are, say, between 18 and 25.

In other words, King doesn’t think it’s such a great time for literature, specifically horror literature:

But a golden age of horror? I wouldn’t say it is. I can’t think of any books right now that would be comparable to The Exorcist.”

But there’s got to be something he likes, right? Actually there is, King, as it turns out, is a big appreciator of J.K. Rowling’s recent work:

“She’s a wonderful storyteller and the writing is better than in any of the Harry Potter books, because it’s sharper,” King said.

So I guess it’s not all doom and gloom in the book world, although I’d say that King should be careful with his criticism. Twilight may have been badly written from beginning to end, but I haven’t read a King book yet where he didn’t fumble the ball in the end zone. But maybe that’s just me.

Doctor Sleep is available in book stores tomorrow.

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A bit of sad news from the world of Hollywood today as reports are saying that legendary actor Jack Nicholson plans to quietly retire from acting.

Sources have told the magazine Radar that Nicholson has decided to step away from the day-to-day rigors of acting because of “memory issues.” The same sources add that this shouldn’t be taken as some early sign of a degenerative brain malady, but is maybe just one of those things that comes with old age. And seeing as how much of an actor’s job is memorizing lines, it might make sense that Nicholson would opt to take the high road and call it a career.

With a career spanning nearly 60 years, Nicholson leaves an incredible legacy. He is one of the most acclaimed actors in Hollywood history with 12 Oscar nominations over 5 decades, including and 3 wins. Nerd cinema appreciators will probably recognize Nicholson best for his portrayal of The Joker in 1989’s Batman. At the time, it was unusual for an actor of Nicholson’s stature to take on the role of a comic book villain, so when the then only two-time Oscar-winning actor signed on to play The Clown Prince of Crime, it was as much a surprise as casting Michael Keaton to play Batman.

Throughout his career, Nicholson has always had a strong connection to the sci-fi and horror genres with one of his first big roles being in the Roger Corman classic Little Shop of Horrors. In between prestige pictures like Easy Rider, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and A Few Good Men, he appeared in movies like The Shining, Mars Attacks, Wolf, and The Witches of Eastwick. As it stands now, Nicholson’s last movie role was in How Do You Know by James L. Brooks, the filmmaker who directed the actor to Oscars twice for Terms of Endearment and AGood as It Gets.

So what will Nicholson do since he’s not planning on acting anymore? Sources say fans can still expect to see the 76-year-old Nicholson court side at Lakers games, and holding court front row at the Academy Awards.

So from all of us at Nerd Bastards, we say Happy Retirement, Jack! We’ll miss see you at the movies, but you’ve earned some downtime, and that’s a truth we can handle.

UPDATE: Apparently, this is one of those things the internet went to town with before all the facts are in. NBC News is reporting that an unnamed source told them that Nicholson is “actively reading scripts and is looking forward to his next project.”

Time will tell.



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Above: A Realistic take on The Enderman, one in a series of Minecraft characters designed by Deviant Art user DevBurmak. Once you remove the pixels from the survival creation game the mobs are a bit more terrifying than we would have expected. Look at this all you want too, but for the love of Notch don’t look him in the eyes. [Geek Tyrant]

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overlook hotel photo

It may seem like blasphemy at first glance, but The Shining – that book by Stephen King that Stanley Kubrick turned into a movie – is getting a prequel.  The coming of flick, titled The Overlook Hotel, isn’t news, but the choice of who is going to be writing the flick is.  It looks like The Walking Dead’s former showrunner, Glen Mazarra will be putting this new script together.

Organized by the folks at Warner Bros., The Overlook Hotel will feature a rather interesting collection of people in the production department.  Laeta Kalogridis (writer – Shutter Island), James Vanderbilt (writer – Amazing Spider-Man) and Bradley Fischer (producer – Black Swan) are all putting their cash behind this one.

While it will most certainly never measure up to Kubrick’s classic, I’m guessing this prequel isn’t meant to.  It’s just a new film in a familiar setting and it promises a brand new story.  Just thank the gods that they’re not trying to remake the damn thing.


Thanks to CinemaBlend for the heads-up.

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ABOVE: Aww, looks like someone got their giant gamma powered butt stuck in the “werm hole exparimunt” at Avengers HQ. A wonderful blend of Winnie the Pooh and The Avengers, this piece by cpwilsoniii also defines every comic nerds nightmares now that the Mouse owns the House of Ideas. [Deviant Art]

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Brent Spiner has an eerily acurate Patrick Stewart impression. It’s awesome, but creepy. Seriously, you must give this a watch. (io9)


Mario Meets The Shining


I never GOT The Shining. I get all the pop culture references now, and the brilliance of the ambiance being terrifying by showing you very little. And when they did show you things, it devoured your soul. But I never loved it. Now this I can wrap my head around! Ever since in 1996 when they released Mario 64, and gave Mario that hauntingly Italian stereotype of a voice, it has been the staple of many voice over Mario jokes. This small comic strip uses the voice in a great throwback way. Last time it was this terrifying it was the Mario&Princess Sex Tape

Via technabob

Romos Kubrick 15

I don’t know about you guys but A Clockwork Orange still scares the crap out of me and thanks to one Carlos Ramos, I want to watch it again because I am a fat idiot. Anyway, Carlos Ramos,  who has done work on Dexter’s Laboratory and Chalkzone, has done many art pieces that were inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick and they are being portrayed at the Corpo Gallery from July 10th to August 3rd. Click after the jump to see many art pieces that Ramos did, ranging from The Shining to 2001: A Space Odyssey and more (Some images may be considered NSFW).



(article by Jeff Sparkman)

How awesome is this? Clever fellow and perhaps mad genius Chris Dimino designed a cuckoo clock that replicates one of the most famous scenes of Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Shining.”
Every hour, Jack Nicholson (as Jack Torrance) breaks through the door and shouts, “Heeeere’s Johnny!”, followed by a scream from Shelley Duvall. Kickass, right?
Alas, while you can’t traipse down to Target to pick one up just yet, hope springs eternal that one day you could have this baby on a wall to scare the bejesus out of your guests.
It got me thinking about other ideas for similar clocks. Maybe a chestburster from “Alien” popping out of John Hurt every hour? Or a head-explodey-guy from “Scanners” clock? The scary thing is that I bet someone out there is feverishly working on a Tubgirl cuckoo clock.

Note: If you don’t know what Tubgirl is, for the love of baby Cthulhu, don’t look it up. Especially if you have a pudding cup in your lunch today.

source: slashfilm