The Simpsons

This week, Disenchantment was released on Netflix. Disenchantment is an animated series about Bean, an alcoholic, spoiled princess (literally), her personal demon Luci, and an optimistic elf, aptly named Elfo. The series follows their adventures in Bean’s kingdom, Dreamland, and the hijinks that follow them.

Disenchantment also comes from a long legacy of great shows. Its creator, Matt Groening, helped create The Simpsons, helmed Futurama, and now is putting his efforts into this comedic fantasy adventure. (more…)

It took the folks responsible for The Simpsons 17 years to put out a film based on their hit property and it has been a decade since that film first came out. Talks of a sequel have been going on since that first film was released and it seems the yellow family of prime time just might be making a return to the silver screen and another seven years of waiting might not be in the cards.



Prepare your diddly-holes for this odd musical selection. There is a band named The Okilly Dokillys, based on The Simpsons Church lovin’ do gooder Ned Flanders.

Yes, yes…”stupid sexy Flanders”. Hit the jump for more details on this unusual mix of music and pop culture, including a watch/listen to their FIRST music video.  (more…)


So, hey, The Simpsons. Those yellow-skinned zany residents of Springfield  have had a home on FOX for a very long time. 29 seasons to be exact. And, while it seems challenging to find anyone who actually still tunes into every week (or maybe it’s just this Nerd Bastards writer who’s circle of friends are out of touch?) , the show has endured. It’s like the Energizer Bunny (speaking of dated references), it just keeps going… and going… and going.  And guess what? It’s going to keep on going. FOX just ordered a 30th season of the pop culture phenomenon. (more…)

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Cereal is an important part of childhood. Together with certain television shows, music, and movies, cereal helps to form a very specific backdrop to your formative years. This backdrop is unique to you, but connects you to nearly every other person of your generation, no matter the other details of your lives. Yes, cereal binds us, connects us, shows us that we are all one. But it also has an almost magical ability to transport. When you’re eating cereal with your favorite characters on the box, you hold palaver with them for a time. These characters become real as you share a meal with them. Some cereals not only understood the light-hearted whimsy of our youth, but also understand that now we have grown-up responsibilities and obligations. We’ve seen things, man. We have bills to pay. We wear underwear without cartoons characters on them sometimes, probably. These cereals know that and have increased in value accordingly, so that they can continue to be there for us as we sell them for money. Our modern Giving Tree was ground up and pressed into cardboard to make cereal boxes. And the tree was happy. It was happy because it knew that cash rules everything around us and it’s going to help us get the money. Dolla, dolla bill, y’all!



From birthday cake fantasies, to booting up his computer, to dramatic reinterpretations of A Streetcar Named Desire, we’ve known for some time that there was something different about Waylon Smithers. Questions have plagued Mr. Burns’ assistant/toady for years, all the way to The Simpsons138th Episode Spectacular when Ambassador Henry Mwabwetumba of the Ivory Coast wrote into the show to ask “What is the real deal with Mr. Burns’s assistant, Smithers? You know what I’m talking about.” Well, as the show’s executive producer recently confirmed, there’s much more to Smithers than him being a man in his early 40s, unmarried, and currently residing in Springfield. You know what we mean. (more…)


The voice of Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Mr. Skinner, Lenny, Rainier Wolfcastle, McBain, Otto the Bus Driver, Kang, Jebediah Springfield, Reverend Lovejoy, God, Jasper Beardly, Kent Brockman, Sanjay, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Devil, Johnny Tightlips, Scratchy, Adolf Hitler, Bill Clinton, Judge Snyder, Hugh Jass, Richard Nixon, King Snorky, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Cyrus Manley, Malicious Krubb, Lord Montymort, Al Gore, George Washington, Gaylord Q. Tinkledink, Roger Ebert, Bob Dole, Jeeves, Strom Thurmond, Tom Brokaw, Mr. Rogers, John Travolta, and quite literally hundreds of other characters, Harry Shearer signed a two-year deal with Fox today to join the 27th and 28th season of The Simpsons today, Variety reports.



From the harsh terrible wastelands (the internet) come two brave heroes (chubby guys with microphones) to do battle with (talk about) the evils of this world (ok, that last bit might be pretty accurate.) This week, Jeremy and Jason run through how Snoop Dogg failed grade 8 history, why Alan Thicke and his wife aced sex-ed, and where Harry Shearer will have to accept that job has the school janitor.

Also on this weeks show: (more…)


Despite what you may think of The Simpsons at this point, it’s still churning out new episodes. Fox recently renewed the show for two more years, which means that even if the final episode of season 28 ends up being the last episode of The Simpsons ever, the series will still have run over 630 episodes. The Simpsons has run longer than any other prime time comedy or drama series, and unless the world ends sometime in the next two years, then The Simpsons is likely to go on too. Just now without Harry Shearer. In an odd announcement on Twitter Wednesday night, Shearer told fans that he was leaving the show, but what will happen to the some 100 characters, over 20 of them regular fixtures, when he goes? (more…)


When you’ve been around a long as The Simpsons, you’re going to pick up some things. I don’t mean new skills or a sexually transmitted disease, but rather a quality more akin to an urban legend. Some popular fan theories about the show include the idea that The Simpsons predicted the Syrian Civil War in “New Kids On The Blecch,”and that Springfield exists in a Tesseract that keeps time inside it static as the rest of the world changes and ages around it. The theory that we’re addressing here though, I had never heard of before, but some fans are apparently of the opinion that when Homer fell into a coma in 1993’s “So It’s Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show,” he never woke up. The show, like revealed at the end of St. Elsewhere with Tommy Westphall, has apparently taken place in Homer’s comatose mind ever since. (more…)