The Tester Season 2

Review: The Tester Season 2


Sony’s The Tester season 2 has finally ended and I’m actually keeping my promise in giving you guys the review of the overall second season. Just like the first season, contestants are competing to become a game tester with Sony along with a $5000 signing bonus. They also decided to throw in a 3D TV and a new PS3 for the winner.

So, did Sony find what season 1 was missing for season 2 (such as having a “villain” and a gay video gamer)? Did replacing Hal Sparks with Adrianne Curry as the celebrity judge help? Find out after the jump as it is filled with spoilers and see if I was once again suffering another season of Sony’s attempt of a TV show or did I enjoy the new season (and of course, spoilers after the jump).



Guess who got early access to the first episode of season two of Sony’s reality show? That’s right, this guy did. The first episode is set to release later today with the Playstation Store update so I thought of giving this a review like I did with the first season. Which leads me to¬†apologize for not giving a final review for the first season because to be honest, it didn’t really need one.

So why give this one a review you ask? Well, it has a larger cast of colorful characters in which I hope to find this seasons Barmy (the fella that was knowledgeable about parrots). Also, instead of Hal Sparks as the “celebrity guest,” we get the lovely Adrianne Curry to fill that position. So click after the jump (and expect some possible spoilers) to read what I thought about the first episode of the new season and see if maybe this is something you’re going to download tonight. (more…)