The Tick

Months ago the much await arrival of Amazon’s azure arachnid avenger came in the form of an amazingly well received pilot (which is still available, FYI.) And while we have to wait a little longer for this third small screen iteration of The Tick (following the 1994 cartoon and the far too short Patrick Warburton FOX live-action series from 2001) some good news dropped earlier today on the production’s official twitter. They’ve started principal photography and star Peter Serafinowicz is rockin a vastly improved suit. Check it out: (more…)


For 30 years now, The Tick has existed on the periphery of comic book culture in the realm of cult appreciation, but near mainstream obscurity. Sure, there have been attempts to create a successful transition to other media, but The Tick’s cult status has been one that’s difficult to shake, especially for ratings hungry TV networks. But in the era of Peak TV, you don’t need millions of viewers to be a successful series, and in the same way that streaming video sites have saved numerous cult-favourite IPs, The Tick was chosen for resurrection by Amazon, and now, you’re guaranteed to get at least one full season of the new Tick. (more…)

the tick 2016
It’s hard to believe that after all of these years, The Tick is finally making it’s way back into the live of many, and not in just cartoon form. Of course, many of you may be familiar with the comic, 90’s cartoon, or short-lived live-action version from 2001, but this is a side of Tick that none have never seen before. As one person put it – imagine the Tick in the world of Daredevil or Jessica Jones. The Tick is still The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) but in a darker, realer setting than before. It sounds rather far-fetched, but, in a way, it looks like it works. Check out the clips after the jump.



The time is fast approaching when fans of The Tick will have their squishy vengeance against the TV networks what refused to continue telling his epic story. He’s been limited to 3 seasons in cartoony format and just one season in the live-action format. Now, The Tick is back and he’s looking for that thing he’s always looking for – JUSTICE! But before we can see him in all his bright blue glory, we have to settle for some pics from the set. Scroll on, o’ lover of costumed shenanigans, for there are Tick pics aplenty! (more…)


Remember The Tick? You know, “Spooon!” If you don’t, let’s recap: Ben Edlund created The Tick in 1986 as a mascot, absurdist parody of superheros, which spun off into its own comic in 1988. After the popularity of the character rose (due, mostly, to be downright hilarious), he received a children’s animated cartoon on Fox in 1994.  His likability and fame rocketed ever higher, which resulted in a short-lived live action TV series in 2001, starring Patrick Warburton as the blue-clad crusader (and it was an honest-to-goodness perfect casting choice). After years of fan clamor for some sort of continuation or reboot, Amazon decided to step up to the plate. Now, at SDCC 2016, we’ve gotten word of a release.  (more…)


Jackie Earle Haley, of Rorschach and Freddy Krueger fame will be hitting big and small screens again very soon. Haley has become the consummate “bad guy” in recent years and it looks like that won’t be stopping anytime soon. AMC’s upcoming Preacher series recently announced Haley as villain Odin. He’ll be following that will two more villainous turns, but in wildly different areas – The Tick and The Dark Tower (more…)


With Amazon apparently recently reviving of the revival of ‘The Tick coming with the down note that Patrick Warburton would not be returning as the Big Blue Bug of Justice, the unfathomable question of who would replace him as the Azure Amnesiac Avenger was asked. Well, get ready to be fathomed because Deadline is reporting that the British actor-comedian Peter Serafinowicz has been tapped to don the antenna and psychoses of the Ben Edlund created comicbook character. (more…)