the time of the doctor


The episode may have been called “The Time of The Doctor,” but time was up for this current incarnation of The Doctor, Matt Smith. Where as his still beloved predecessor David Tennant seemed to get an entire year in order to let the audience say a proper goodbye, Smith would have to make due with one hour. But as Doctor Who proved again, one hour can be a lifetime, and “The Time of The Doctor” had enough going on for a two-parter, or a double-stuffed 50th anniversary episode. Can we handle two epic Who’s back-to-back? And can Smith’s send-off match Tennant’s teary tour-du-force in “The End of Time?” (more…)


Caught up in all the holiday hullabaloo, I’m almost forgot next week is not only our commercialized celebration of the winter solstice, but also Matt Smith‘s final adventure as The Doctor. On Christmas Day, the Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor” premieres, and with it, the Fall of the Eleventh. Being only a week out it’s about time for BBC America to release this extended trailer showing off more from the special than ever before, (more…)

Doctor Who

Shortly after the premiere of “The Day of the Doctor,” there were some rumors of even bigger revelations to come for Doctor Who aside from the discovery that Gallifrey survived the Time War and is still out there in space somewhere. Now we all know that Peter Capaldi is taking over for Matt Smith as The Doctor come the end of this year’s Christmas special, but word started leaking out that the twist in “The Time of the Doctor” has The Doctor confronting his mortality as the 13th and final regeneration of the Time Lord. But how can that be when Smith is Eleven, and is the rumor true? Well, according to showrunner Steven Moffat, it is. (more…)

Doctor Who

So now that everyone’s had time to digest the anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor,” we can look ahead with anticipation, and maybe even a little dread, to Matt Smith’s Doctor Who swan song, the forthcoming Christmas special. I guess, the BBC has the same idea because we’ve  been getting a lot of material about the special, first a 10 second teaser, which we shared the other day, and now a poster and a title. (more…)