The Usual Suspects

So ya know how there are those rare movie trailers that end up giving away the whole damn movie?! Well the people over at College Humor took that notion one step further and actually ruined the ending of some classic films! They did so however in a hilarious way that makes you not want to kick their ass. They not just ruin but rather massacre the endings to Fight Club, The Usual Suspects, Star Wars, Reservoir Dogs and The Crying Game. Also, odds are you SHOULD have seen most if not all of these films by now anyway. Check out the video that will either give you a chuckle or beat the fuck out of the person next to you. ENJOY!

Source: CollegeHumor


Hello NerdBastards readers, it’s another Tuesday, and while it may not be about man trying to make black holes, it’s the weekly DVD Tuesday. Usually, we here at NerdBastards, we highlight what comes out and say whether if it’s a BUY, RENT, or PASS but for today, since it is the start of a new fiscal year, nothing really new is coming out other than re-releases and/or Blu-Ray release of something old. So today and possibly the next few weeks, it’ll be more of a heads up on what is released and maybe you’ll be persuade into buying something you may already own or be happy with what ya have. Also, no Anime DVD pick of the week but there is something else at the end to make up for it. (more…)