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Above: In all three Lord of the Rings films poor Samwise never really got the credit for having to deal with all the crap he had to put up with. Thankfully Glen Brogan feels the hobbit’s pain and gave him the credit he rightfully deserves. [XombieDIRGE]

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I’m sure some of you spent your Labor Day weekend outside, at a barbecue, maybe attending a nice fair or festival. Whatever you did I hope you enjoyed one of the last holiday weekends before we move into the seasons of less sunshine and more obligations. Me? Oh I raged for four days straight at the biggest nerd party of the year: Dragon*Con. Honestly, the weekend has been coming back to me in bits and pieces, especially as I scan through my Twitter account and think, “Huh? When did I tweet that?”

For those unlucky souls unable to attend Dragon*Con this year we here at Nerd Bastards tried to bring as much of the experience to you as our little smartphones would allow. I made sure to live-tweet panels I attended and our #DragonCon tweets – those I had room to tag anyway, for full panel live-tweets you’ll just have to search @nerdbastards during 8/31-9/1 – are available to check out, but here are a few of my favorites.

Yes, you read that right. John Barrowman kicked off his panel by mooning us. This was at 11:00 am, so good morning Dragon*Con, indeed. It’s really of no surprise, but Barrowman is one raunchy fella, his panels should come with an explicit warning. All the hijinks aside – of which there were many including Barrowman screaming, “Buff man!” running out into the audience and fondling a mostly naked man dressed as a Spartan from 300 – we did get some interesting info about upcoming projects. For instance, Barrowman knows who his secret, millionaire character on Arrow really is and says, “it’s AWESOME.” He also shared he is totally on board for more Torchword once he gets the call. And of that upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary, Barrowman added as an actor he’d understand if he wasn’t included, but as a fan he’d be “exceptionally disappointed” and “gutted” to not be involved. I think I speak for just about everyone when I say I’d love for him to be in Who‘s 50th and I really hope they don’t overlook him.



It was a highlight of my time at Dragon*Con last year and it was again this year, it’s the annual Venture Party at Dragon*Con hosted by the Venture Bros. Blog! The party is held in the Pulse Lounge which overlooks the Marriot’s lobby – providing unparalleled crowd watching – and it’s an awesome way to hang out, drink, a get to know other Venturoos at Dragon*Con. The party is chocked full of Venture Bros. cosplay. You can’t swing a dead Dean or Hank without hitting, well, a Dean or Hank. There’s also henchmen, Monarchs, Dr. Ventures, Captain Hatreds, and even costumes of some of the most obscure characters the show’s ever produced.

Here’s my sorry attempt to fit all The Venture Bros. cosplayers into one massive photo – I failed – but I managed to get almost everyone in at least one of these photos.


After a two year silence, with few clues to the date of its return, The Venture Bros. will be returning to Adult Swim in January 2013.  When Adult Swim announced their panel line-up for SDCC2012, I fidgeted and squealed with joy (the lazy girls’ alternative to jumping up and down). Waiting comes with the territory for fans of the show; time between seasons is spent constantly trying to convince our friends it hasn’t been canceled. Considering that most information about The Venture Bros. is filtered through Jackson Publik’s LiveJournal (yes, I’m serious) and the Adult Swim message board, a press release was like finding a golden ticket.


If there’s one show that truly exemplies the spirit of Christmas, it’s The Venture Bros. Why else would creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer create exclusive holiday singles every year since 2004?! You can’t say to get in on a season of profit because the singles are available at A Site Called Fred for FREE. See, they’re doing this totally in the spirit of giving. And hilarity.

This year’s carol is a loving, angry, charming duet between The Monarch and his partner in duoship, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. Together they sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and it’s simply maaaarrrvelous (said in a low, gravely voice). You can download to own the MP3 here with a simple right click, or visit A Site Called Fred to stream and listen to the whole collection. One I must suggest, “The Chipmunk Song” performed by The Monarch, Henchman 21 and The Moppets, Kevin and Tim-Tom. Vulgar and full of Christmas cheer, what could be better!?

Source: io9

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Jackson Publick, co-creator of The Venture Bros. with Doc Hammer, announced on his blog the exciting news; we’ll be getting two more seasons of TV’s best cartoon, ever! Adult Swim, the late night Cartoon Network take over, has been airing the subversive, Johnny Quest-a-like series since 2003. They reached a deal for two more season as well as a 60-90 minute Venture Bros. special, production is expected to begin this June.

But if this seems like too long to wait for more fun at the Venture compound don’t get you’re Butter Glider all bent out of shape. Publick and Hammer have already been working, secretly, on a 11 minute teaser with Titmous, Inc that we’ll be seeing this summer! Plus, in related news, the complete Season 4 was released on Blu-ray today! What a great day for us Venturoos!

Below the cut check out the announcement in it’s entirety from Publick’s blog.

source: Topless Robot via The Daily What



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