The Venture Brothers


The sixth season of Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick‘s The Venture Brothers hits Cartoon Network‘s Adult Swim at midnight February 1st… or is it midnight January 31st… always get that confused. Which ever it is, there’s a new extended trailer for the long-awaited season six and we’ve also got the official Adult Swim recaps for seasons 1 through 5 brought to you from the bedroom of Henchman 21. Cue the Villain Costume Change Montage Music! (more…)


Holy biscuits and gravy, the trailer for The Venture Brothers Season VI is finally here. I should be full of righteous indignation that it’s taken so long, but the inner Japanese School Girl in me is tittering way too much to make that happen just now. We’ve only gotten 11 new episodes in the last four years including specials, that would send most fandoms right over the edge, but The Venture Brothers are like fine wine and should be savored. So go forth my fellow Venturians and click the jump to savor this new trailer. I’ll be in my bunk. (more…)


They say that good things come to those who wait… and we’ve been waiting since July 2013 for Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick to bring new episodes of The Venture Bros. back to Adult Swim on television. The long wait is over though, because Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture, Hank & Dean, Brock Sampson, The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, Henchman 21 (Gary), and all the other fabulous Venture Brothers characters will be making their way to your television set in a brand spanking new special that airs this… (more…)