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Here we are, the sophomore season for AMC’s The Walking Dead draws to a close and it’s safe to say it does so on a high note. OK, that is an understatement, I don’t know about you but I confident in calling tonight’s episode the best since the shows pilot and a clear sign that it has finally recovered from the exit of former showrunner Frank Darabont.

We get what we have waited and hungered for. Zombies. Lots of them. We get action, we get direction, we get Rick going a little crazy. The brains finally hit the fan as a zombie herd descends on Herschel’s farm and a much anticipated character finally makes an appearance.  While the TV show is a radical departure from the comic book, we see do see signs that its moving in a similar (and insanely awesome) direction.

Before we dive into the episode, I want to bring up something that has been bothering me. Morgan and Duane Jones. Remember them? The father son combo that Rick met in the pilot. The walkie-talkie he swore he was going to use to each day at dawn to communicate with them. So, Rick did that like once and then it was completely forgotten. Just one time as a framing device to launch the first episode of the second season to then be washed away as the black hole that is Herschel’s farm sucked all the drive and momentum out of the plot. I bring this up since I fear this is the trap the show has fallen into. The long form dialogue based exposition on the post zombie apocalypse verses just giving us some zombie head shots and pulse pounding tension, the second season seemed like an experiment in figuring out the mix. That experiment has ended and I hope the show has found a balance that it will carry into it’s third season.

Speaking of which, lets talk about how the second season ended.


As the second half of the second season of The Walking Dead winds to a close (only two more episodes after this one, gasp), it seems to be the common consensus that  show is picking up speed a little bit. The first half was met with critics (myself included) endlessly droning on about the endless droning on of the shows dialogue, the repeated themes and conversations about the same issues, the lack of action, the episodes that would drag on while accomplishing little. Well, guess what? This episode is heavy on talk and light on action and never resolves the main thing the characters set out to do, and it is damn good because of it.

Yes, there will be critics and comparisons but I will stand by this one being one of the best we’ve seen in the series. Yes last week was a full on zombie fest and this week we just get one, just what we also get is one of the biggest game changers the show has ever tossed out.

We dive into ‘Judge, Jury, Executioner’ (and there will be spoilers) after the jump.


We’ve seen it before and we’ve complained about it many many times. Sunken lifeless eyes staring back you, a flesh hungry corpse that just won’t die. Yes, elsewhere Billy Crystal was hosting the Oscars (dadum tish). Luckily that didn’t affect the regular airing of The Walking Dead, and even better, all the endless long winded speeches were over there. This episode continues the trend started when season two kicked back into high gear. It has the action you’ve hungered for and more.

What we get is a double plot line dealing with subjects that have been along for the ride for awhile. We revisit suicide on Herschels farm with Andrea and Beth while Rick and Shane take to the road to deal with ol’whathisname-withthespikeintheleg. It’s nice to see Andrea interact with a background character to freshen up an old theme (with mixed results), and yes Rick and Shane finally patch up their differences and become friends again. I’m kidding, they totally have the blowout fight we’ve all been waiting for.

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Before the season premiere last week I was dead certain that the survival of the Walking Dead, both the show and the characters, centered around them getting off Herschel’s farm. After last week I was convinced that the show was headed in that direction. Guess what, other than Rick, Glen and Herschel being locked in the bar still and Lori being trapped in the car she rolled, the band of survivors are still down on the farm. Thing is, it’s getting good. Damn good even.

We ended last week with Rick gunning down two questionable survivors from another group in the bar that Herschel had decided to drink his worries away in and Lori flipping her car in the middle of the day on a completely empy highway. Plus, we still have Shane’s eventual brake down on the horizon plus the Glenn/Maggie budding romance to deal with. We get that an more this week in an extremely entertaining episode, maybe even the best of the season. In the first half of the second season, love it or hate it, the show was dragging its heals. Here’s where it brakes out and runs.

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In preparation for tonight’s mid-season premiere  of AMC’s The Walking Dead, I went back and reread the previous reviews I did of the first half of the season. Not because I am some strange self-absorbed narcissistic ass (I am, but that’s not why I did it). I know I am not alone with the criticism that that first seven episodes of  the shows sophomore season dragged on a little to long with the cyclical optimism vs realism conversation and the endless spinning of wheels in the search for little Sophia. My intention is to hit the back half of episodes with a new found sense of optimism, I want to like this show very much, I do like this show very much.

In the reread I realized something. It is hard to follow along and on such a bleak and hopeless situation. As the first half of the second season wore on, it was a slow decent into a darker territory, we may not have known it and the characters sure as hell didn’t. They, and we, were set up on a one way street to the eventual demise of little girl Sophia and the loss of all hope. Well, her second demise that is. My guess is the kid was bit and zombified very shortly after her disappearance, but when Rick’s bullet tore through the zombie child’s skull at the end of the last episode that darkness finally set it. This is where we are as the credits role in this episode.

We will now sit back and watch the emotional fallout of the long search for Sophia being fruitless and the tension raised by Rick and his group discovering that farmer Herschel was running an undead daycare the whole time snaps. Welcome back Walking Dead. Now hit us with something good.

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The infinite amount of videos available on the web can make a person feel like they don’t have enough eyeballs on their face to ingest the Youtube, Collegehumor, and viral videos available. But today, we’re making it one step easier for you, we ‘ve just received word of what looks to be the best of all your zombie wet-dreams put into an animated web-series. “Zombie Murder Explosion Die!”, built by the creative minds at Sonic Bunny Productions this web-series is said to feature all the things we love about the zombie apocalypse and takes out all the chit chat that we don’t.

This trailer, released as part of the line-up of web-series’ set to feature this season, seems portray the show as a parody and over-dramatizes the zombie-apocalypse in a way that makes it more comical than scary. The show’s plot synopsis is as follows:

“ZMED guarantees each of the things in its title in every episode! Zombies, Murder, Explosions, and Death!
Lots and lots of zombie death! What’s not to like, right?

The series follows our tech-addicted teens as they epically fail their way through a zombie apocalypse. We have no idea how these guys are surviving cause zombies are mean motherf*ckers! And our guys have no survival skills…well, except for Jack.” –

The first episode of the series is set for release, February 6th. So take a look at this new video if you have the chance, seeing as The Walking Dead won’t be back on until February 12th this show will give you something else to crave your zombie needs.

We’ve been waiting. Waiting to see the outcome and fallout of The Walking Dead’s heart stopping midseason cliffhanger ending to Pretty Much Dead Already. Oh sure, we’ve seen the preview for the new episode and even some teasers, but we’ll have to wait till February 12th to find out what transpires moments after that gun shot.

Or not.

AMC just dumped the first four minutes of “Nebraska” on to youtube. Spoiler? Yeah, maybe, but we all kind of knew where where was headed. To be completely honest it just makes me hunger for the second half of the season more.

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After the events of the first half of The Walking Dead season 2, and the shocking cliffhanger fans were left gasping over what Rick and company did Hershel’s farm. The Aftermath of the barn based zombie blood bath will have dire consequences for sure. Soon we will see what that will be as the hit AMC TV show returns in three weeks.

In anticipation for February 12th’s “Nebraska,” the eighth episode of the second season, AMC released this mid-season trailer to get the blood flow going again. For you fans following the comics, try and see if you can match up parts of the trailer with the Robert Kirkman series. It’s like “I spy” with gore and body parts.

Catch all the zombie drama when The Walking Dead comes back at 9:00 PM EST on Sunday, February 12th and don’t forget to check back after each episode of the rest of the season for our reviews, and to yell at Jeremy for how wrong he is.

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Well, here we are. The Walking Dead has officially hit its mid season finale. We now have to wait until mid February to have any chance at resolve on the plot lines that have been dangling for the last 6 episodes. So far this whole season has been far too chatty for my taste. Yes, it’s one of the best shows on TV now, but damn it, the highs of season one are still not met by this second season. Now the show is about to go dark until February, maybe its time to wrap up some plot threads.

Will they do it? Let’s see.


The Walking Dead: Secrets


As AMC’s The Walking Dead slowly lumbers its way to the mid-season break (tonight’s episode was the second last till we wait the long wait to February 12th), we have a handful of plot threads dangling. Yes, little lady Sophia is still missing, Lori is still pregnant and her affair with Shane is still a secret, Doc Hershel has zombies in a barn and wants Rick and his group to leave soon. Will we see resolution of any of these this episode? Your guess is as good as mine. The show has spent the majority of the season locked on Greene’s farm and talking. A lot of talking. Don’t get me wrong, the show has had drama but if you are tuning in to see pulse-quickening battles between overmatched humans and armies of the undead, you are probably getting very frustrated. Its a fair guess to say the static nature of the show currently is due to the double hit of production budget getting slashed and showrunner Frank Darabont getting the axe about halfway through production of this season. In light of creator Robert Kirkman‘s recent revelations, we do know some changes are coming, but when?

Season 2, episode 6, Secrets cold intro starts with a clear sign that Carl is slowly slipping into the dark character comic readers have gotten to know (‘everything is food for something’), and we also see one of Doc Greene’s kin prepare the zombie chow by going all Misery on some chickens. The horse that bucked our hillbilly kill machine, Daryl, returns and we are into the credits.

Lets see what Secrets holds, shall we?