The Warriors


This has been a hard summer for a lot of great filmmakers, but two of them are not named Russo. Joe and Anthony Russo kicked off the year with a smash success called Captain America: Civil War, which received praise from critics and got a lot of butts into theater seats. You can pretty much call them the Kings of Summer, well, this summer anyway. Yet, despite that, they seem to hear the siren song of TV. These gentlemen spent their pre-Marvel years chronicling the adventures of the Bluth family and the Springdale Community College, and now they seem to want to chronicle the new tales of one of New York’s most notorious (fictional) street gangs. (more…)


In 1979, Walter Hill made a little film called The Warriors, that followed one gang’s perilous journey back to their home turf of Coney Island after being framed for murder by a rival gang.  The movie became a cult classic despite its controversial reception, and earlier this month, some super fans took it upon themselves to organize a festival on Coney Island to celebrate the film.  Rolling Stone was there to film most of the original Warriors on their last subway trip home. (more…)