The Watcher

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It’s human nature to want to find meaning in everything, to see if we can detect patterns where there may not necessarily be patterns. This is especially true when we’re talking about someone or some people who purposefully plant clues, let’s call them Easter eggs, into their stories for fans familiar with the source material to search out and enjoy. If some small things have big meanings, then why can’t every small thing have a big meaning, even if that meaning should be perfectly obvious.

In the grand tradition of reading too much into stuff, some fans have wondered if there’s a bigger meaning behind Stan Lee‘s constant appearances in the Marvel movies, you know, other than being Marvel Comics most famous writer and editor, and co-creator of their biggest characters. Well Lee confirmed over the weekend that the point to his cameos is that he’s Stan Lee, and he’s not playing The Watcher. (more…)

People seem to have a habit of associating big heads with big intelligence, and the world of comic books is certainly no exception.  While some individual heroes and villains are lucky enough to only have to give up their hair for added brain-power, some of them are stuck with gigantic melons which will forever impair their ability to get a proper date or successfully navigate narrow doorways.  In fact, many of these poor bastards are pretty much nothing but head.

To their credit, however, comic-books would be much less colorful without them poking their giant noses into other people’s affairs.  So, without further ado, here are 10 of the most abnormally immense craniums that writers and artists have blessed the world with throughout the years.



Every now and then, news comes to light that just makes you smile from ear to ear. And, luckily for us, some of that just happens to be in this post.

According to, Marvel is planning to introduce audiences to some of the characters from their cosmic universe (aka not Earth) in The Avengers for use future movies.